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Postby A_SN; Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:41 am Re: Requests/Wishlist

XComposer wrote:So I must try convolution in Photosounder. I'll try it, thanks!

Yeah the only problem (always a huge problem) is that you can't open two files. I should try to hack something together to allow some "Import" function because this is ridiculous, it's always been the most cramping aspect of Photosounder for me, the whole "oh yeah right I can't do this because I can't import a second file". Like now I want to save some noise profile from a track and apply it to another, can't do that! If I do it it's important enough that I'll label it version 1.10.

I just noticed the Reload functionality doesn't work and fixed it, so I'm gonna do another quick update soon, I'm also going to look into the config and log files being saved or not and I'll make that v1.9.3. There are so many little things to fix I guess I'm gonna slowly release fixes progressively.
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