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Bug reports

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Postby PeteInNeedOfABeat; Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:18 am Re: Bug reports

Hey Attila!

So far the only pattern I've found is that it crashes RC.

Just tried again (with Control+V), another "long" crash. Haven't tried Control+T yet.

I try to avoid actions that are problematic (at least on my machine) and just use a workaround: I save the phrase to one of my folders and insert it in composition view from there.

Actually the "jumping-notes-bug" in Note Editing Mode is bigger problem for me since I do a lot of manual editing in RC.

About 3.31: That's fine, I'll wait then.

Sunny geetings,
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Postby BluGenes; Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:49 pm Re: Bug reports

For PC Windows users..

This isn't a bug, more of a heads up. I just upgraded my boot drive from 1 terabyte to 4 terabytes because I ran out of drive space. What I did was made a clone of the OS and an image of the drive and copied it to the new drive. The software I used for this is called Acronis Image 2018. Worked great, once the operation completed, it was a unplug and plug in to play process. Of course, a lot of my software needed re-registration, but, that was the only burp to the process. The big problem was Acronis also installs a utility that prevents unauthorized encryption of your drives, i.e., a ransomware attack. This utility will interfere with the performance of Rapid Composer. It makes using Rapid Composer almost impossible. RC will bog down and run extremely slow and become unresponsive. To fix this, you have to disable the Acronis utility in the options.
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Postby musicdevelopments; Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:51 am Re: Bug reports

Thank you for reporting this weird behaviour. I really wonder what this utility does to slow down RC. I tried to look for similar problems on the net without any results. The only reason that I can think of is that RC reads a lot of custom phrases files from your harddisk/SSD. If you have hundreds (or thousands) of custom phrases, that means opening and reading hundreds (or thousands) of files. If the utility checks every file access that may slow down RC a bit, but since the loading happens in a low-priority thread, it should not disturb the main application very much. RC does not use the windows registry. I assume you did not load any VST plug-ins which (at the moment) runs in the application address space. Other than this I have no idea.

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