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Postby BluGenes; Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:35 am All this new stuff!

Is there tutorials or threads that explain how to use the new features in 3.3?

how to apply the chords..
how to apply the scales..

actually anything that is new would be great..
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Postby musicdevelopments; Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:21 am Re: All this new stuff!

I started to update the wiki for the new features:
More details will be added soon.

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Postby tatanka; Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:35 pm Re: All this new stuff!

Hi Attila,

thanks for the updates in the docu, first time I realized I can print them to pdf :oops: ..

But even though "long-time-but-not-constantly-user" I must admit I have the same problem keepin track on all the new (and old...) functions.

There are great videos and answers in the forum on most topics and questions but what I really would like to have (if possible at all) is a short (not more then half an hour to work through) tutorial for just:

- "making an easy song wit RC in ten minutes in ten steps"

I would like to have it started from the idea tool (think that would cover all the basics) but maybe there are other suggestions or could be different starting points. I would thing it should only use "native" RC standalone functions (so no midi import, vst-use etc.).

This one should be updated regularly with new functions to keep up with the most important new functions. So if I been away from the beta-track for a while I could go there, make a song with the actual version and see what has changed while in the same time remembering the basic stuff. Of course this would be a good starting point to anyone new to RC too.

I would prefer a "written" tutorial with screens of all important steps but as these days people "reading" seems to die out of course a video will have to do if there is no other way.

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