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A new Incantations - microtuned

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Postby dnekm; Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:59 pm A new Incantations - microtuned

After a few days of experimenting - my next project will be a new Incantations. This will feature much more microtuning than previous ones.

My question - does anyone have any particular microtuning scales they would like to see used?

I have been going through the TUN library in the Anomaly VSTi (Wusik V6) and making notes about which ones might be useable.

I am open to suggestions.

I am also considering breaking down each Incantation into two part - a and b. Each one would consist of two WAVSequences of voices. These could then be mixed and matched as you see fit.

There would also be an equal tuned sample that would feature all 4 WAVSequences.

This would be my first sound design in over a year, and yes, I will also be working on filling out all of the Anomaly presets to at least 1,000.
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3241 posts since 19 Apr, 2005, from The City Beneath the Sea

Postby dnekm; Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:31 pm Re: A new Incantations - microtuned

Settled on the Tunings being used:

Dorian Enharmonic
Double-Tie Circular
Lydian Enharmonic
Perrett 14 Tone
Phrygian Enharmonic
Pythagorean Phi as 5th
Star Hexagonal 13 Tone
Superparticular 17 Tone

Each Incantation will be broken down into an Incant(x)a and Incant(x)b file - each a sample of two wavesequences. Each will also be sampled with the eight tunings listed above. So each Incantation will generate 18 sound files.

I have 7 Incantations programmed so far and am in the process of sampling them. When they are finished it will amount to 126 files.

As this is an experiment, I will most likely stop there.

Please be aware that there will be dissonance, a lot of it.

This will be Incantations VIII - Otherworldly.

I am keeping the FX and processing to a minimum for this. You will need to combine these sounds in an instrument with an FX chain to make better use of them. These sounds are being made for the sole purpose of allowing you to run them through your own FX chains and turn them into what you can.

I have experimented with some of the finished sounds in the Anomaly instrument by combining two random sounds, LFO 1 controlling the Pan for each sound, LFO 2 controlling the Volume for each sound and sometimes another or one of the previously used LFOs controlling the fine tuning to make wonderful weirdly wailing dissonance....

Obviously this will only appeal to a certain amount of people.... :lol:
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Postby dnekm; Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:21 pm Re: A new Incantations - microtuned

Finished the sampling and looping.

The final result for the soundset is 126 SFZ/WAV files and 682 Mb.

Here are how the Wusik V6/V7/Anomaly presets are right now:

Individual sounds: 14 (Incant1a, Incant1b, etc... as single sounds)

Paired: 91 (every combination of each sound paired with one other. There is volume cross-modulation in the presets so Incant1a5b in not exactly the same as Incant5b1a)

Tuned: 112 (All of the Microtunings as single sounds)

Tuned - paired: 5 (as far as I have got after doing everything listed above. These are the weirdly wailing presets with Volume cross modulation as well as Tuning cross modulation.)

It seems I have created an Incantations Construction Kit..... :lol:

There will also be Kontakt presets with the Anomaly script template/skin.

A note: do not expect a lot of Tuned - paired presets. As I discovered when pairing the 14 normal tuned sounds with each other - 14 turned into 91. I do not want to even think about what 112 would turn into.

They will be templates for you to experiment on your own.

Normally, in making an Incantations soundset, the original samples put through the very first FX chain would be facing the same treatment with different FX chains at least 2 or 3 more times. I stopped this here because I want to give you something you can make your own. Your FX, your Filters, your ideas and ears.

This is not about the presets but what you can turn the sounds into.

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