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Postby NullDevice; Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:57 pm Something I’d love to see across the line...

It would be suuuuper handy to have different quality options for real-time and offline use. I’ve seen this in other plugins (kazrog kclip, for example; DMG Equilibrium has like 90,000 different offline confit options; and there’s an option in uhe Diva, even) so you can use real-time in a processor-friendly mode but drop into crazy-oversampling mode or whatever when rendering a file offline.

Is that something possible to add down the road, or am I asking for too much?
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Hermetech Mastering
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Postby Hermetech Mastering; Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:19 am Re: Something I’d love to see across the line...

Is there something up with the current quality of the plugins? Or are you asking for a "lesser quality" mode? I don't see the need for it myself, they sound great as is, and I've never wanted to sacrifice quality for CPU cycles. And besides, don't most of them already have Eco, Precise and Insane modes?
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Postby FabienTDR; Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:05 am Re: Something I’d love to see across the line...

I find most of these options to be confusing at best, and somewhat redundant. I mean what's the point in confusing users with 3 different Nyquist warping compensations methods: Naive, a little bit better, and proper. Same with antialiasing, I see no reason in offering obviously broken approaches, just for the sake of having a longer list of options. Why offer butterworth/bessel/chebychev when all of them can be covered by a Q control. And so on. Most of our design decisions are explained in our manuals, things have to be state of the art, or land into our trashcan.

For me personally, from a designer's point of view, I prefer guiding the operator into wise decisions. In most cases, the end user has only very limited understanding of all these technical terms anyway. He also doesn't have the time to redo and think through all plugin/dsp dev's decisions, just to process a drum bus. We don't intent to compete with the "jack of all trades" or low cpu applications available on the market, instead, we try our best to free the mind for truly important creative decisions.
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12 posts since 9 Apr, 2001, from Madison

Postby NullDevice; Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:22 am Re: Something I’d love to see across the line...

Perhaps I'm not explaining it well. I'm not suggesting any more processing options - the eco/precise/insane option serves me just fine, thank you very much - I'd just prefer the ability to sort of "pre-set" the quality setting depending on playback operation. I don't want Equilibrium's zillion filter and convolution settings, I just want the ability to say "okay, we're gonna bounce now, let's flip it over to 'insane'" without having to manually switch back and forth in every instance of the plugin.

For me it's mostly that if I'm using a large number of instances of, I don't have the CPU horsepower to have them all in "precise" (or higher) all at once, and then I have to remember to go an manually re-set them before a bounce, which can get tedious and error-prone (oops forgot one, gotta go re-bounce the whole session now!). I ran into this during a mastering session this week and thought "gosh, it'd be nice if I could just switch all these to eco when I'm trying to play everything back, then have them default to insane for offline render."

If not a separate setting then perhaps a way to set them session-wide, instead of per-plugin. Just a workflow optimization, not a change to any processing options.

Does that make better sense? Is that still in conflict with your design philosophy?
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Postby zemoonie; Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:06 am Re: Something I’d love to see across the line...


I personally wish that would be adopted by more developers as a standard feature.
Some neat implementations that come to mind are D16 Decimort and StandardClip.

I find that having a set-and-forget lower quality option for real-time introduces a less disruptive flow than having to bounce tracks around (especially if the offending track is actually a bus)

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