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Postby tedoo; Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:58 am Note on Length as Mod Source?


Im just wondering if its possible to use Note On length as a modulation source with the TX?

I want to recreate how a kick drum has more release if the beater 'flicks' the skin, rather than rests on it after impact. I cant see Note On length in any of the source options but Im wondering whether it might be possible with one of the many MIDI CC's.

Hope that makes sense,
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Postby elcallio; Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:59 am Re: Note on Length as Mod Source?

It is an interesting idea, though I am unsure how you would measure this (i.e. time -> modulation). Would the modulation value just increase and increase until note-off (and be measurable the whole time, i.e. can I map filter cutoff to this, and make the sound brighter the longer I hold the key), or is it an instantaneous value that exists only as non-zero after note-off?

Also, for drums, is not the old prevailing behavior of drum pads to generate note-on/offs without any length (i.e. just hits)?

For more, but also more complex, control, I'd suggest using a MIDI CC mapping, yes, and either control the sound with your controller, or if the drum pads can emit CC in certain circumstances.
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Postby EvilDragon; Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:13 am Re: Note on Length as Mod Source?

I think OP means this to only be available at note off, since that's when you really know how long the note lasted. However it should still be able to modulate envelope release time (well, that one also happens on note off, so it's definitely possible for that to work).

As for drum pads, modern ones can be programmed to send note offs on release, too... :)
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Postby tedoo; Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:16 am Re: Note on Length as Mod Source?

Thankyou both very much for your responses.

To be specific the modulation Im concerned with at the moment is Release time on a Kick Drum sample. Short note triggers more release, whilst the longer you hold, I want to get a more dead thump. I think the best way would be use trigger oneshot, have Env2 set to Filter Cutoff, or just Volume, with a slowish attack so it starts bright and as you say the longer you hold the key, the more it will silence/modulate the sample, if i just flick the key, env2 wont modulate as long as I get the settings right. Il be able to figure that out I think.

I guess channel pressure could be usefull as well...thanks again for those ideas, got me thinking.
btw escallio-great programme and great support
: )

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