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Postby Okke; Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:17 pm Issue? Modulation table settings for 'Glide'

Dear all,

First of all, thank you, I am having a great time playing around with TX16wx in REAPER,

Please could you advise on the following: in the Modulation Table, I have difficulties with setting up 'Glide' modulation

(while I have no issues with setting up other destinations such as 'Pan', which I can get to work fine)

- I have set up different values in the CC lane of the MIDI take editor
- I have correctly set up the modulation table 'source', 'destination', 'amount' and made sure the Modulation Entry is 'enabled'
- This works fine for say 'Pan' or 'Volume', at least I get noticeable and usable effects
- I try different 'Glide' knob effect values by just turning the knob in 'Main', a value of say 500ms gives me the effect I am after.
- But now I try to get 'Glide' modulated with the Mod Table, but whatever CC-value input and whatever 'amount' I try I get very weird results, I cannot mimic the 500ms knob-glide effect value in any way. It sometimes just seems to affect the pitch?

Please is there something I am doing wrong?

Kind regards,
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Postby elcallio; Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:42 pm Re: Issue? Modulation table settings for 'Glide'

Yup, scaling bug. It accidentally tries to use a modulation value of "samples" as "time", which is about 44100x too much.
Building a fixed version.
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