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Postby random_id; Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:46 am Preamp Simulator (PreAMPed) routing

I have another usage question related to PreAMPed (http://lvcaudio.com/plugins/preamped/preamped-beta-release/).
I am currently working on the 1.0.1 final update. One of the suggestions was to provide some flexibility with the routing. Right now, the default routing is EQ -> Preamp modeling -> Extra Saturation.
So, if I am getting all of the possible combinations right, I think all of the options are:
    + Pre -> Sat -> Eq
    + Pre -> Eq -> Sat
    + Sat -> Eq -> Pre
    + Sat -> Pre -> Eq
    + Eq -> Pre -> Sat
    + Eq -> Sat -> Pre

Having all of these options is possible, but I think it would be a little ridiculous. I was thinking of keeping the choices to 3. That would be an easy number to have on a button that you could cycle through. So, what would be the most usable combinations? My initial thought is:
    + EQ -> Pre -> Sat (like version 1.0.0)
    + P -> Sat -> Eq (so you could have Eq as the last stage)
    + Sat -> P -> Eq (so Eq is at the end, and so you could drive the preamp with more saturation on the input)

What do you think? Is this even a good idea to have routing options? Should I have different ones or more?

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