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Issues with Uillean Pipes

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Postby Katzenberserker; Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:04 pm Issues with Uillean Pipes

Thanks for creating the very nice Uillean Pipes. I just started playing (with) it and noticed some quirks that you can maybe clarify:

1. When playing legato notes while an articulation of Group 2 is enabled, there is no vibrato sample played. So when I use the mod wheel the sound fades out. Wouldn't it be possible to treat legato notes the same way as when sustain mode is enabled?

2. When switching Legato off, dynamics is automatically assigned to the same CC that is set for vibrato. Is this intended?

2b. When switching Legato off the issue I described in 1.) is reversed: only the vibrato samples are played.

3. I don't hear any Release Sounds.

4. The bellows noise is played only ~2,5 seconds and then stops until a new non-legato note is played. Shouldn't it be looped?

5. The Rolls sound like a truncated version of the mordents. In the manual you write that the roll uses previously pressed key. I do hear a difference, if I keep holding another key before playing the roll, but
the pitch has no influence on the ornament.

6. Also when playing a note while holding the previous key, then playing a roll and then letting go both notes, the previous note is played again and freezes until I play some note.

Hope you can help and will play some more tunes, now :)

(edit) I found the support page on the website :)

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