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Postby ghettosynth; Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:44 am Re: Need help from a Reaktor expert

Totolitoto wrote:Ok guys, thanks a lot
I indeed broke something when I took the guts out :)

I'm going to redo the osc uisng standard stuff

Thanks again, except for ghettosynth who seems to be on the condescending side

LOL! You're welcome anyway!

(PS: Don't send me any more PMs, I'm not your tech support network either)
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Postby Totolitoto; Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:59 am Re: Need help from a Reaktor expert

This was not my intention,the PM I deleted before you even read it was supposed to be a quote.
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Postby leonalex; Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:07 am Re: Need help from a Reaktor expert

Hi David, You should be fine to connect the primary MIDI inputs to the pitch input of the monark block (or it's inards), you will just need to divide by 120 first as blocks format uses a different standard (0 to 1) for pitch than the primary standard.

Also you are connecting a regular knob directly to the {C0} port. The curly brackets({}) around the C0 means it's expecting a multiplexed input, multiplexing means combining the signals from several controls down one cable, most controls in Reaktor blocks have 3 knobs: the main control, plus the A and B modulation sliders (that you can see when you click the A or B buttons of the block), all 3 of these knobs are connected to the process macro using only one wire by multiplexing the signals together. The signals are de-multiplexed (demuxed) in the core macro of the Monark oscillator called "mod cell" and A/B modulation is applied in the same macro. if you are connecting a control directly you will need to bypass this macro by connecting the {C0} input directly to the 'Osc Freq' input of the main "Monark Osc" macro inside the process core cell. It will probably work still how you did it but may cause problems later if you don't bypass this macro.

Check the value ranges for the knobs connected to the C0, C1 and P1 to P0 to P3 inputs, use the line debugger in the monark block to find out what the value ranges should be. looks like you connected a knob to the P3 input (keytracking), that should be a switch not a knob, with either 0 (off) or 1 (on), maybe that's the problem you are having with getting the pitch input to work?
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Postby Totolitoto; Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:48 pm Re: Need help from a Reaktor expert

Thanks leonalex for your help
I decided to leave the block and redo the whole oscillator macro myself (which worked great BTW)

Thanks anyway!

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