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Postby alec.tron; Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:32 pm VCV rack on multiple computers - sync/clock'ed to DAW for start/stop - options ?

due to maxing out my mediocre desktop regularly, I am looking for alternatives to run VCV Rack additionally as well occasionally.
Now I do have some spare laptops & midi/audio interfaces I could use & cascade... and I would at least like to have a start/stop sync tied to 1 master clock/daw - as is, and after initial experiements (as I am only starting out learning [Euro/VCV] rack) - it seems most promising to have a DAW on each laptop, and wait for Andrew to release the VST/AUD bridge, and use this to sync multiple instances across multiple computers.
Can anyone think of other ways to do this ?
The downside with the above is that Live only allows for 2 Installations at a time (and potentially even only 1 being actively used... would need to check the license fine print), and for the above, I would need a DAW for each laptop.

But looks like reliable start/stop sync, let alone bar-sync (in sequence/sub-sequence/loops), is a general difficulty due to midi's shortcommings and only half-hearted conventions in the audio world/devices...
https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewt ... 9190b61af7

In case anyone has better ideas how to achieve this, especially cheaper ones than the multiclock or chaining 3 x single Live licenses, would be great if you could share your thoughts.


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