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Postby xp5; Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:10 am dfx Geometer

I saw a video on You tube dedicated to the VST dfx Geometer. Apparently, the VST is used in Cubase. The VST proposes some presets. On the other hand there is a series of called "presets default 10 - 16" which remains ineffective.
My question is the following one: to what are they of use ?
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Postby sophia; Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:47 am Re: dfx Geometer

The purpose of having those extra default presets is that, in VST, presets don't really function like presets, they are instead storage containers for settings. They are read/write as opposed to write-only. By pre-filling some, we are able to give something comparable to "factory presets", however when you load one, if you make any changes, then that program now actually stays modified (for the life of that plugin instance/session).

For these reasons, the purpose of making extra default/blank programs is that it gives users the ability to create more quick-loading settings of their own for the plugin session. And also a way to save program "banks" that contain a collection of their settings. Basically we were getting feedback from users who were requesting this, so there you have it.

By the way, the plugin can be used in (many) more hosts than Cubase.
25 posts since 5 Dec, 2010

Postby xp5; Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:03 am Re: dfx Geometer

thanks sophia.
Si un modérateur parlant français pouvez m'indiquer si j'ai bien compris le message , car je ne lis pas bien l'anglais. Le concepteur indique que les presets d'usine neutres (preset default), sont en définitive des mémoire pour garder , le temps de l'ouverture du plug-in dans le logiciel (Audacity par exemple), des réglages que l'utilisateur teste momentanément. Si ces réglages temporaires conviennent à l'utilisateur, il convient donc de les sauver en créant un preset personnel (fichier .fxb je présume).
Ai-je bien compris?
D'avance merci pour votre aide.

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