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KClip 3 - Feature Requests

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Postby Harry_HH; Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:16 am Re: KClip 3 - Feature Requests

Kazrog wrote:So, I'm in the earliest stages of development for KClip 3, and while I have quite a few ideas, I'm curious as to what is most important to you guys.

Here are a few things I've thought of that could be cool:

  • Multiband (4 bands is probably enough)
  • EBU metering (LUFS)
  • Resizable window with more useful visualization
  • New distortion modes
  • Threshold for even more gain capability
  • Mid/Side processing

So, I'm wondering if any of these seem redundant or pointless, especially the metering aspect, as there are so many good meters out there, and making the meter even remotely competitive with dedicated meters will take a lot of development time.

As with all of my plugins, I try to keep things simple. If there are any features you'd add/remove here, let me know. This is a chance to influence the future of the product, because honestly, I can't pretend to know what's best for everyone - and I also don't want to fix what isn't broken.

Thanks! 8)

I´ve had the KClip2 now few months, the main thing I wish would be considered in the planning of KClip3 is, (not suprisingly)

- how to decrease the heavy CPU with higher oversampling values.

I know this is much discussed earlier, and the ver.2 introduced different "modes", some less CPU-heavy. But I will have both high quality AND moderate CPU-load, in the online-use. And no artefacts.

An other thing is a new "mode", planned for a bit different purpose than what is the KClip main area. Namely, I use limter quite often in my master bus during the mixing to protect my ears (and speakers). For this kind of use the limiter should be as transparent and possible, and almost zero effect for the CPU. The limiter has the react immediately to the peaks. I use often Live 9 factory limiter for this purpose.
I have tried here different limiter, I own several high quality limiters. KClip2 is too CPU-heavy, and what is important, in the online-use it easily creates some artefacts (!).
So, a "Mix Protection -mode" for the KClip3?

I include an article where some limiters are tested, this test is rather narrow and has limited focus, but may be useful for some evaluation.


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