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Postby StateOE; Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:58 pm A McFee Amp?

Hey there Shane,

Have you toyed at all with the idea of creating your own amps? Judging by the bar you've set, it leads me to wonder what designs you might create from scratch. Particularly due to your willingness to break from convention, I think you could do wonders.

I know you probably have years' worth of development goals you've already placed in front of yourself, but I wanted to put it out there.

All the Best
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Postby Kazrog; Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:57 pm Re: A McFee Amp?

Thanks! I've been thinking about doing this, actually.
Shane McFee
CEO/CTO - Kazrog LLC
29 posts since 1 May, 2010, from Han's Island

Postby StateOE; Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:22 pm Re: A McFee Amp?

That's great; I do hope you get the chance to try your hand at it. I'm completely tied to my tone, and I've found your work has freed me as a player, providing the voice for which I've searched. That means everything.

Best of luck with your endeavors, with thanks.
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Postby The-Zeronaut; Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:59 pm Re: A McFee Amp?

I'm pretty sure he´s got knowledge to start from scratch, make like an enhanced version of an whatever amp he chooses or maybe even a hybrid of 2-3 models and would do a great job.

The problem is (IMHO) that most people want familiarity, people want emulations, people want something that they can relate/compare to "the real thing"...

I still would like to hear what is his vision of the perfect high gain amp though... >.<
29 posts since 1 May, 2010, from Han's Island

Postby StateOE; Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:50 pm Re: A McFee Amp?

One of the things I think that sets apart Kazrog is the modelling of impossible to find stuff, like the Soldano and Arredondo mods, e.g. There is of course no way for most to compare to the real thing; the crux is that stuff like that really provides a way to explore tone in a way that may be more suited to yourself as a player. I find it interesting that Eric Clapton has played with SLO100s, and that's the last thing I can imagine him using.

The other thing is considering the usability and absolute realism itself. Although a lot of Kazrog users seem to be metalheads, Thermionik is utterly ideal for anything. I think someone who wants to emulate the single coil guitar master of choice would find these emulations perfect. It's no different to me than just stepping into a (few) well-endowed studio(s), which is from where I assume these great specimens have been borrowed! The great thing is, if you want the familiarity and the stock amp is what's right for you (nothing wrong with that at all), you can certainly try the Kazrog JCM800 against the real thing, or a 5150 I-III, to test for realism and recreate what you really need from the stock amp. But so many other great tones are the product of shaping staples to unique effect, and I think that's why a lot of boutique amp makers get started, just not being satisfied with, e.g., a stock JCM800, or the first Boogies stemming from modded Fenders. Hell, for metalheads, how big is the bias mod for 5150 owners? From Paul Gilbert using Metaltronix modded Marshalls for his awesomest work to James Hetfield using a modded Mark IIC+ as a preamp into a Marshall poweramp, I think the modded stuff has to be the real juice for the player who just can't find the sound otherwise. DeGarmo and Wilton with Queensryche used some sort of stock Marshall for Rage for Order, and that's one of the best tones I've ever heard, but they went through amp after amp after amp to find the particular one that didn't sound like shit for that session; I always thought that amp was messed up in some way (some failing component or something) that set it apart perfectly, a happy accident. It was Slash getting to play through the same mod with which George Lynch had just recorded that led to his tone on Appetite for Destruction, and it's awesome to compare that same amp on two different albums by two extremely different players, each inspired to play incredibly by the same specimen. And I think it's that extra alteration, not necessarily from a TS808 or even a boutique Centaur, that can be the thing that truly inspires your playing to be closer to what you need to express. The whole idea behind the custom Dumble is to that point. Anyway, those are my two cents.

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