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Time for another gear emulation comparison!

This video is all about comparing the Mesa Boogie MKIV emulations in the following platforms (in no particular order):

Axe FX/AX8​​
Line 6 Helix (Native/LT)
Amplitube 4 (Mesa pack)
Axe FX

Those were all the platforms of which I am aware that they emulate the MKIV amp.
Most of them did a very good job but I have a few favorites.

Thermionik is definitely in my top 2!
I think it sounds absolutely great and I loved dialing the tone in since it was so easy to work with.
The only notable difference I can think of is that the Thermionik amp maybe has a little more information in the low mids.
I guess those differences can also be present because differences of the actual physical amps each model was based on.
Anyway, GREAT work Kazrog!

Of course I'd love to know which one you though was best so let me know!


About the Kemper clip: I recognize that the Kemper example perhaps doesn't sound as good as some of the others.
Unfortunately I didn't have a MKIV here to profile so I had to rely on existing (commercial) profiles.
To keep things as consistent as I could, I chose a direct MKIV profile from a commercial vendor to be able to use the same IR as with the rest.
I had to tweak from there.
This was honestly the best profile I could find for this test.
I guess that's just a drawback of this platform sometimes since you can't ever start a 'preset' from scratch.
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Great video as always! Thanks!!
Shane McFee
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Great plugins man! :)

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