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Postby frthib; Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:45 am Thermionik UI / workflow


Owner of thermionik 5 here,

I just saw an older demo of Recabinet 4 thermionik and I thought "Wow, that's a great user interface" and then saw that the power amp is a separated module, and the preamps are all accessible in a simple drop down list, exactly what I wished. I'm curious to know why the apps went in a completely diffferent direction.

Recabinet is even baked in the solution. What's missing? If Kazrog eventually add the traditionnal delay, chorus and reverb after the cab, everything will be "in solution". There could even add a tweaked valveEQ for crude mixing and a noise gate at the beginning.

I know it's not the develloper philosophy about workflow, the separate VST are a testament of that, but for the casual user it could be interesting while remaining a very professional and "niche" product.

I get everything I said as been said a thousand time a least on multiples forums by multiples sources, some much more knowledgable than me but I discovered recently that product, love it and every little bit I can do to help i will do :lol:

Ok the UI would have to be redesigned a little since some amp have more controls and switches... I think the Damage 120 is the more complex one
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Postby xphen0m; Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:37 am Re: Thermionik UI / workflow

As far as mix and matching pre and powe amps: You can load one amp and enable only it's preamp (turning off it's power amp) and then right behind it, load a different amp and enable only it's power amp (turning off it's preamp).
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Postby frthib; Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:56 am Re: Thermionik UI / workflow

ohh didn't think of that one

Great idea, I thought the ability to mix and match preamp and power amp was lost when Thermionik 5 was released. Will try for sure.

Relooked at Thermionik 4 UI, not sure about those angled (fisheye inspired) button, they look great but can be a nightmare if the number of control on the UI can change..

hmm the more I think about it, the more I get where Thermionik 5 UI comes from.

I always loved this rendering, wonder if there was a way to incorporate it , a la amplitube 4 mesa boogie back panel, the power tubes illuminate when played

Maybe preamp tubes could illuminate the harder the input level is driving the preamp as a input gain ideal level indicator? Same thing for power tubes. After all some power tubes glow when pushed hard.
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Postby cturner; Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:49 pm Re: Thermionik UI / workflow

Small shout out for how great the UI design is. Doesn’t have to be black (could be pink), but the simplicity and organization is first rate. Thanks Kazrog!
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Postby frthib; Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:31 am Re: Thermionik UI / workflow

Funny thing, the more I read about thermionik*, the more I get that all that have to been said as already been said, and answered and discussed, ad nauseaum...

I'm 2 years late :) Sorry if I ramble, i wasn't aware of the rich content..
I even didn't saw Glenn Fricker review of recabinet 4 until this morning :o

Looking forward an update, I'm curious to see what Kazrog has to bring to the table..

UI update? More amps? Tweaks to the existing amps?

* : documentation is a bit dry if I where to critique anything. I read Yeks guide to AxeFX amp models to get more info / history on the amps.. The good new, the tips in the guide all applies to Thermionik !

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