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Postby u-he-michael; Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:42 am Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)


The last Satin release was version 1.1 rev1900.
Now, 664 builds later, we proudly present Satin 1.2 rev2564 RC5 :)

Please give it a good test, focus on the stuff in the change log and
dig deep into all areas.


- Azimuth control for the Repro head
- Pro Tools AAX support


- Greatly reduced overall memory consumption
- Much faster GUI loading time
- Value display now shows parameter units
- Added MIDI IN activity LED
- Added Undo / Redo
- Added ‘Same as' feature for "Circuit" & "Compander"
- Added new Analyzer options via right-click (eco / fast / glow)
- Added choice of gamma adjustments to GUI editor for brightness control (right-click on GUI)
- Added HD UI Images for use on large or high resolution displays (see Extras folder in .zip)
- Added UI scaling in steps of 10%
- Added Blinking Bypass button
- Mouse Wheel can be rastered (For rastered mouses to ensure integer steps) -> right-click on a knob or slider
- Reworked Installers for OS X and WIN
- Updated manual
- Added many other small improvements to Software and GUI


- Fixed crashes when switching presets at large buffer sizes
- Fixed crashes on Windows which occurred when using the Mousewheel followed by Mouse down
- Fixed crashes on OS X related unreleased Fonts
- Fixed crashes in LogicX when reordering / removing instances
- Fixed random crashes in Cubase on quit or on closing / reloading same Project
- Fixed crash in Pro Tools which occurred when auto-save was turned on
- Fixed crash when opening GUI while Plug-In received Program Changes
- Fixed issues with latency adjusting & reporting on some Hosts
- Fixed several issues in Delay and Flange Mode
- Fixed automation issues in Ableton Live and Pro Tools
- Fixed UI freezes with VST 32 Bit Carbon UIs on Mavericks
- Fixed issue with VST 32 Bit GUI sizes ≠ 100% which were not remembered when reopening GUI
- Fixed laggy Patch Browser on OSX (especially 64 Bit)
- Fixed issue where Host Bypass did not turn Analyzer off
- Fixed issue where the Analyzer was not working @32kHz
- Fixed issues with UI 10% scaling in some Hosts
- Fixed issue where Group names were not instantly updated in other instances
- Fixed issue where Parameters and Preset-names were not properly propagated to grouped instances
- Fixed issue with handling of unicode preset file names
- Fixed occasional pops, clicks or dropouts
- Fixed many other small bugs

Known issues:

- VST3 is buggy (do not test or use in production - when possible)
- [1053] Pro Tools may crash / hang when reordering instance while playback is running (Stop playback when moving instances)
- [1138] Pro Tools: Balance knobs aren't panning correctly in Delay Mode when Plug-In is running as Multi Mono
- [1160] Wavelab: UI resizing feature not working correctly
- [1161] LogicX: Crash when automating and changing Samplerate while Playback is running
- [1058] VST2 GUI glitches on Windows when automating
- [1126] Automap: Satin AU reports the name "Satin ?" to Automap
- [1134] Gamma settings are not always staying on “neutral” and may lead to GUI oddness (Fix this by setting gamma manually back to neutral)
- [1052] Special characters are not available in the Preset description
- Pro Tools: Preset-names are not propagated to grouped instances
- Ableton Live: VST 32 Bit GUI sizes ≠ 100% are not remembered when reloading project
- Some features (e.g. grouping) are not working correctly in Hosts which use sandboxing (e.g. in Bitwig, Reaper,…)
- MIDI is always received, when using Satin on hybrid tracks (e.g. in Bitwig, Reaper,…). This may lead to unwished results when using Satin’s Flange mode (MIDI note triggering).

Here's the download:

Satin 1.2 RC5 Mac
Satin 1.2 RC5 Win

Please post potential issues below. We look forward to your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

u-he team
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Postby peteman; Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:02 pm Re: Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)

Awesomeness! :D
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185 posts since 14 May, 2014, from Berlin | Germany

Postby u-he-michael; Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:43 pm Re: Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)

Ready for release? :)
297 posts since 12 Feb, 2005, from Finland

Postby peteman; Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:50 am Re: Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)

In my opinion: yes! After testing it for a while I haven't found any problems yet. 8-)
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Postby kj.metissage; Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:10 am Re: Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)

Tested in the latest Samplitude Pro X x64 build ( using the VST2 x64 version.

This is one sweet piece of software. Even better now ! The new look is great, except for the bold fonts like : Makeup, Tape, Metering, RMS, Soft Clip, Tape, Repro Head(s), and Circuit.

As well as the group names, encoder and decoder types, and the rec and repro eq names.

If you could make them look normal, I mean, not bold, it would be perfect IMHO.

That said, it's stable, and rock solid.

Well done, now give us Presswerk, yay :D !
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Postby EvilDragon; Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:27 am Re: Satin 1.2 rev2564 ReleaseCandidate (RC5)

I like those letters bold. :)

You can try disabling antialiasing, right-click an empty part of the GUI. But that will look like crap. :D

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