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Swiss Frank
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Postby Swiss Frank; Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:48 pm Re: Roland Supersaw - any idea how the original was done?

Xoxos, don't forget panning too.

Moselle has a module called Adder, which specializes in additive synthesis. It ONLY has pitch and amplitude for each osc, but is high performance.

There's also a module called FMAlgo, which is like Adder, but additionally has a modulation input for each osc. Each waveform has specific outputs for pre-gain (for DX-7-style feedback), non-amplitude-scaled (for modulation) and audio purposes, and phase inputs.

But there's no fixed number of oscillators, so if you just want to vary everything simultaneously, just make a big handful of normal oscillators. I've got a demo patch that uses 10 regular oscillators... then uses an FMAlgo not as an oscillator but as a CPU-efficient battery of 30 LFOs, setting panning, volume, and detune for the regular oscillators.

Back to the swarm: you can specify an overall "shape" for the waveforms, controlling frequency and amplitude. For instance you might want the detuned ones to get quieter as they get farther from the center, and spaced farther apart. You can set those EXACTLY how you want, osc by osc if you want. Now: once the Swarm is playing, you can't vary that shape, but you can adjust the overall shape to be wider and narrower, taller and shorter.
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Postby xoxos; Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:55 am Re: Roland Supersaw - any idea how the original was done?

cheers, wanted to build it myself for ensemble emulations, also with variable gate time per osc. that ought to be feasible with envelopes on the modulators then :)
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