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Postby Borogove; Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:38 pm Anyone have experience writing/testing VST MIDI generators?

I'm trying to make a plugin to produce MIDI events to send to an external synth. I'm using JUCE and following generally the tutorial for a MIDI note filter.

My DAW is Reaper 64 on Mac, and it's not clear to me how I'm supposed to configure it to either send its MIDI to an instrument on another track, or to the external hardware MIDI.

Anyone have any experience doing this?
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Postby aciddose; Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:48 pm Re: Anyone have experience writing/testing VST MIDI generators?

You use sends to accomplish this in Reaper. (Usually named "ROUT", route.)

MIDI output has only a single channel (in VST) per plug-in and the best you can do is use MIDI's channels (1 - 16) and split this using external processing in the host.

Otherwise though routing of all tracks whether audio or MIDI is 100% up to the host.

Be careful with note-on and note-off: Not all plug-ins can handle both on the same "tick" (sample) even if they're in the proper order. This is because plug-ins that attempt to sort events might not use a sort that maintains the order for equal values.

So in general it is safer to delay all on/off events to ensure they happen on different "ticks" rather than just hoping for the best.

This can apply to other event types (all notes off, all sound off, etc) but it's mostly a problem with note-on and note-off for the same note.
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