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Postby AK746911; Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:42 am Seeking a Knowledgeable Programmer to Help Compile my Max MSP Project into AU/VST plugins

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I have posted a couple of times over in the Max MSP subreddit and also in the Cycling74 forums seeking a programmer - and it was recommended that I might look in these forums for someone who might be interested in taking on this project.

I have been working with a graphic designer to create a 1:1 software replica of a Casiotone MT-100 keyboard. We have some excellent GUI so far including swap states for all of the buttons and moving fader knobs with their traction set to resemble the traction of the keyboard's faders. The LEDs work, the metronome works and is mapped to the tempo range of the keyboard, and in my buggy first compilation of the program, I had even begun to sequence the rhythm bank via the samples I recorded.

Thus far I have sampled every note from all 20 tone patches x 49 keys in the tone bank. Each note was tuned to pitch via the fine tune on the back of the synthesizer and a waveform tuner plug-in, and peaked around -10 DBFS varying within 1/3rd of a decibel. I still need to either sample the Casio Chord fingered/bass/chord patterns or figure out which tone patches they are using and resequence them in MIDI. I have a PDF on replicating the sound of a classic 1/3rd octave EQ in Max MSP and need to incorporate that into my patch as well before we finalize this program and compile in other languages.

I had two programmers previously hop on board who seemed eager to help, but both of them abandoned the project with no notice. At this rate, I am willing to pay for help.

I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in Max MSP and other languages necessary to compile my program in VST/AU plug-in formats. One starting point I considered was perhaps to export the project as gen code and work from there. I also considered that if I used backward compatible objects and found an old enough version of MAX then I could export the project to VST via Pluggo - then use a wrapper to get an AU version?

Besides paying for help, we will put your name on the rest of the GUI we plan to implement. We are working on an era-appropriate oscilloscope that will be hooked up to the Casiotone and display its waveforms and also have access to effects, a sequencer, and arpeggiator.

Here is a link with a download to my first compilation of the project, describing its bugs:

https://www.reddit.com/r/MaxMSP/comment (https://www.reddit.com/r/MaxMSP/comment) ... plica_cpu/

And here is a link to the patcher after the second programmer I worked with scrapped my code and rewrote some of it: https://ohio.box.com/s/aij51c3ixgf5bs10j7g1bxx754pubpdc (https://ohio.box.com/s/aij51c3ixgf5bs10j7g1bxx754pubpdc)

I would love to get some opinions on this project and how much I might pay for some help finishing programming and getting it to VST/AU plugin formats in addition to compiling .exe and .app standalone programs as well.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to send me a PM or email - Adrian@Musician.org

Thanks! :tu:

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