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Postby dandezebra; Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:06 pm Re: No demo, refund and even NFR of some orchestral libraries - is that legal?

I don't know either of you or care about either of your opinions but I know that deeply everyone else only cares deeply about my opinions, not yours. Just wanted to let you know that, so to help you both gain some better perspective because maybe if you knew that you weren't' me, then you'd understand the futility of arguing and sharing your opinions on such topics, especially since there's a chance the internet might break if you continuing filling it with so many useless characters. FACT

Finally, someone else putting something humor into this thread. At my expense? Oh well. :tu: Though, 9 of my 18 posts in this thread are actually asking people's opinions instead of sharing mine but I can't expect everyone to actually read every useless characters in a thread before posting. :wink:

Thanks for the laugh!

Oh, and to the OP - you brought up owning EW on page 6 of the thread as a comparison to Spitfire... which was why I brought it up.
As to your other points... Ummmmmmmm, I'm not sure.

Thanks for the nice summary by the way ghetto!

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