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Help with Ubuntu Studio Install

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Postby obx777; Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:00 pm Help with Ubuntu Studio Install


Having install trouble on my main computer Ubuntu Studio Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Release: 16.04

I downloaded the file and extracted it, followed the directions and it seems to have a problem here:

This install script:
1. Removes old ZynAddSubFX installs
2. Installs zyn-fusion to /opt/zyn-fusion/
3. Creates symbolic links in /usr to the zyn-fusion install in /opt

If you're ok with this press enter, otherwise press CTRL+C
and read the script for specifics
(I then hit enter and get this)
Cleaning Up Any Old Zyn Installs
...Zyn-Fusion data dir
...ZynAddSubFX binaries
...ZynAddSubFX banks
...ZynAddSubFX vst
...ZynAddSubFX lv2
Installing Zyn Fusion
Installing Symbolic Links
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks': No such file or directory
...vst version
...lv2 version

Thank you for supporting Zyn-Fusion
You can now use the 3.0.0 release via a LV2/VST plugin host or
by running the standalone via 'zynaddsubfx'

I am thinking the "ln: failed to create symbolic link '/usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks': No such file or directory" is the issue.

I am no Linux guro so not sure what this is doing this. I did try it as root also and had the same issue.

When I try to scan for plug-in in Tracktion I get a message along the lines that Tracktion sees the plug-in but there was some problem loading (can't cut and paste the error sorry).

Thanks in advance.
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Postby fundamental; Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:30 am Re: Help with Ubuntu Studio Install

Could you post a screenshot of the tracktion error? The 'failed to create symbolic link' issue would prevent banks/presets form being installed (it's going to be fixed when the next build is up), but it should not prevent the application from opening.
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