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Configuring a New Controller

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Postby shdawson; Sun May 07, 2017 11:22 am Configuring a New Controller


I am working to get my new MIDI controller running with ZynAddSubFX. I am not successful today.

I am running the Jack option of ZynAddSubFX in the file menu:

stephen@SONY ~ $ zynaddsubfx -v

ZynAddSubFX - Copyright (c) 2002-2013 Nasca Octavian Paul and others
Copyright (c) 2009-2015 Mark McCurry [active maintainer]
Compiled: Apr 12 2016 05:28:57
This program is free software (GNU GPL v2 or later) and

Cannot lock down 82274202 byte memory area (Cannot allocate memory)
Jack: JackClient::SetupDriverSync driver sem in flush mode
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Connect name = jack_sem.1000_default_temp-client
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Connect sem_getvalue 0
Jack: Clock source : system clock via clock_gettime
Jack: JackLibClient::Open name = temp-client refnum = 5
Jack: jack_client_close
Jack: JackClient::Close ref = 5
Jack: JackClient::Deactivate
Jack: JackSocketClientChannel::Stop
Jack: JackPosixThread::Kill
Jack: JackClientSocket::Close
Jack: JackClientSocket::Close
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_temp-client
Jack: JackLibClient::~JackLibClient
Jack: JackShmReadWritePtr1::~JackShmReadWritePtr1 4
Jack: Succeeded in unlocking 422 byte memory area
Jack: JackLibGlobals Destroy 8846948
Jack: ~JackLibGlobals
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_system
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_freewheel
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_dbusapi
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_qjackctl
Jack: JackPosixSemaphore::Disconnect name = jack_sem.1000_default_zynaddsubfx
Jack: no message buffer overruns
Jack: JackPosixThread::Stop
Jack: JackPosixThread::ThreadHandler : exit
Jack: JackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr 1
Jack: Succeeded in unlocking 1186 byte memory area
Jack: JackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr 0
Jack: Succeeded in unlocking 82274202 byte memory area
Jack: jack_client_close res = 0
Version: 2.5.2
stephen@SONY ~ $

This the latest version I can get from the repositories for my kernel distribution.

I have ZynAddSubFX working with my old MIDI controller, an Alesis Q49. I MIDI out of the Q49, into my MIDI interface, USB out of my MIDI interface into my laptop.

Today, I have a Korg nanoKEY2. It is a mini USB connection to a USB connection into my laptop.

I am able to see in the audio tab zynaddsubfx. I connect it to system, fire up the virtual keyboard, and I hear sound. I do not see an option in the Alsa tab to connect my nanoKEY2 to zynaddsubfx.

So, I close the Jack version of ZynAddSubFX and fire up the Alsa version. I see the opposite scenario in QjackCtl. I see an option in the Alsa tab to connect my nanoKEY2 to zynaddsubfx. I am unable to see in the audio tab zynaddsubfx.

What is obstructing my using my nanoKEY2 with ZynAddSubFX with QjackCtl, please?
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Postby fundamental; Sun May 07, 2017 11:33 am Re: Configuring a New Controller

Please do not post the same messages to both zynaddsubfx-user and the kvr zyn-subforum at the same time.
One of the developers on the ZynAddSubFX open source synth
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