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Marginal Ray
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Postby Marginal Ray; Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:38 am Main settings


I'm under Windows. Zyn version is 2.41.496 beta

I'd like to experiment differents main settings : Sample rate, buffer Size, OscilSize.

But even after restarting Zyn, the sample rate is 48.000, the Buffer and Osc Size are 512.

What can I do ?
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Postby jackoo; Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:35 am Re: Main settings

Sample rate is taken from the host, so you shouldn't try to change it inside Zyn.
The fact that you cannot change Buffer and Osc Size is surprising for me, as I did a test and it seems to remember the settings.

These settings are written in the file zynaddsubfx.cfg. Or they should be written there. Is this file in a protected UAC area? If so did you try running your DAW with admin privileges? When you change the settings inside zyn do they also change in the cfg file?

What DAW are you using?

PS: Don't set the buffer size < 256. This will cause a crash.
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Marginal Ray
157 posts since 21 Feb, 2011, from Paris (France)

Postby Marginal Ray; Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:02 am Re: Main settings

I'm under Reaper (win7 / 64).
Starting Reaper in Administrator mode didn't fix the problem.
All ZynAddSubFx files (included .cfg and .dll) are in c:\ZynAddSubFX folder

the content of the zynaddsubfx.cfg (date : 20/03/2016) is :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE ZynAddSubFX-data>
<ZynAddSubFX-data version-major="1" version-minor="1"
ZynAddSubFX-author="Nasca Octavian Paul">
<par_bool name="PADsynth_used" value="no"/>
<par name="max_midi_parts" value="16"/>
<par name="max_kit_items_per_instrument" value="16"/>
<par name="max_system_effects" value="4"/>
<par name="max_insertion_effects" value="8"/>
<par name="max_instrument_effects" value="6"/>
<par name="max_addsynth_voices" value="8"/>
<par name="sample_rate" value="48000"/>
<par name="sound_buffer_size" value="512"/>
<par name="oscil_size" value="512"/>
<par name="swap_stereo" value="0"/>
<par name="bank_window_auto_close" value="0"/>
<par name="min_envelope_db" value="-100"/>
<par name="attack_start_db" value="-40"/>
<par name="dump_notes_to_file" value="0"/>
<par name="dump_append" value="1"/>
<string name="dump_file">zynaddsubfx_dump.txt</string>
<par name="gzip_compression" value="3"/>
<par name="check_pad_synth" value="1"/>
<string name="bank_current">C:\ZynAddSubFX\banks/Laba170bank/</string>
<par name="user_interface_mode" value="1"/>
<par name="virtual_keyboard_layout" value="1"/>
<BANKROOT id="0">
<string name="bank_root">C:\ZynAddSubFX\banks</string>
<string name="presets_root">C:\ZynAddSubFX\presets</string>
<par name="interpolation" value="0"/>
<string name="linux_oss_wave_out_dev">/dev/dsp</string>
<string name="linux_oss_seq_in_dev">/dev/sequencer</string>
<par name="windows_wave_out_id" value="0"/>
<par name="windows_midi_in_id" value="0"/>
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564 posts since 3 Jul, 2006

Postby jackoo; Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:05 am Re: Main settings


I've looked at this, and indeed in reaper x64 the settings are not saved.
Short answer:
Zyn is not unloaded properly with Reaper x64. The routine which saves the cfg file with the new values never gets called. It's difficult to solve. Workaround: edit the cfg file directly (manually):

Modify these lines as per your liking:
<par name="sample_rate" value="48000"/>
<par name="sound_buffer_size" value="512"/>
<par name="oscil_size" value="512"/>

Long answer:
It has to do with the way Reaper is bridging 32-bit plugins inside 64bit environment.

Reaper runs its plugins sandboxed from the main Reaper exe, which means they run under a totally different exe, NOT reaper.exe. You're looking for reaper_host64.exe or reaper_host32.exe depending on which your plugin is built for.

When you unload Zyn, or unload Reaper completely, it seems that the _host32.exe is hanging and is not unloaded. This means that Reaper doesn't call the ::FreeLibrary function or DllMain(DLL_PROCESS_DETACH) is NOT called, which means Zyn doesn't get a chance to save its parameters in the cfg file.

Sorry... Bridging 64bit to 32bit is still not perfect...

LE: you will barely see any difference in quality between 512 and 1024 oscil. size. In my opinion anything beyond 1024 is overkill.
For the buffer size, set to the same as your ASIO driver, or there will be additional overhead when transferring data between Zyn and the host.

Sample rate setting should be irrelevant for the VST, since it's borrowed from the host.
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Marginal Ray
157 posts since 21 Feb, 2011, from Paris (France)

Postby Marginal Ray; Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:27 am Re: Main settings


Many thanks for explanations. Yes, I must always shut down reaper_host32 manually.
I wonder if increasing oscil_size makes the sound cleary better.

Zyn is by far the best synth I ever used. And I own sereral commercial VST. So I expect much from Zyn 3 / fusion (including the win 64 bit integration). Unfortunately, the first solded version was very buggy and really unusable when you run douzen of project using the "old" version. Wait and see...

Thanks for All


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