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Postby zvon; Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:54 am Expansion packs for Caustic 3 (Android and iOS)

I have updated all the expansion packs on my Caustic Page, except the Kids Kits, to the new causticpack format of Caustic 3. It has been designed to make it easier to import presets and samples on Android and iOS devices. With a bit more work the sounds can still be installed in Caustic 2.

Please note that the presets and sounds are exactly the same as before. So you don't need to download them or buy them again if you already have them, whether you got them from Google Play or directly from us.

Click the link below to get more info and download free packs and demos of the commercial packs

3530 posts since 30 Oct, 2002, from Montreal, Canada

Postby zvon; Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:35 pm Re: Expansion packs for Caustic 3 (Android and iOS)

Here are some details about the sounds on this page.
Free stuff:
- Bundle of the Free Packs 01 and 02, some small sets of quirky and fun sounds including PCMsynth instruments and Beatbox kits.

- Single Cycle waveforms free pack: 30 single cycle waveforms and 63 presets for the PCMSynth of Caustic.

Commercial packs (various prices, from 99 cents to $4, or bundle for $9.99:
- Chromatic Hits for Caustic: 49 instruments for the PCMsynth that can be used as tuned or semi-tuned percussions. All instruments have 4 samples per octave and most cover at least 6 octaves.

- Square Wave: the hardware electronic keyboard sampled here is a digital square wave instrument. I don't know exactly how old it is but my guess is that it's at least 20 years old. It sounds like the Sid chip or 80's and early 90's video games. Very good retro sounds for chip music (or chiptune).

- Prepared EP: samples from a real electric piano that was prepared as John Cage and others prepared an acoustic piano. That means inserting springs, plastic tubes, pins, all kinds of objects inside the piano to alter its sound.

- Baby Piano (toy piano): a Chinese Toy Piano found in a flea market and it obviously has seen better days. It's nonetheless lovely and its sound begged to be sampled. I also made unique resynthesized sounds from the original samples. The Caustic version is optimized for the PCMSynth from the regular computer version.

- Julie Resynth: A fun cyborg vocal sample set, half human and half robot!
This pack is based on one-shot samples of the voice of Julie, a jazz singer. But the samples are resynthesized to create new ones that are playable chromatically across the keyboard.

- Marching Band Horn: The exact name of this instrument is unknown. It uses a French horn mouthpiece and the range is a little lower than a trumpet and a little higher than a trombone. To make most of the instruments in this set I played single notes and resynthesized them to create multi-samples. In all cases the resulting tone is still very brassy and close to the natural one. 37 PCMSynth instruments, most are multi-sampled.

- Acoustic Guitar: A simple, good sounding multi-sampled acoustic guitar bank for the PCMSynth. Recorded with 3 different microphones simultaneously.

And a video showing a single pattern made in Caustic 2 (PC version). Four machines are used, 2 PCMSynths and 2 instances of the Beatbox using these sounds:

-Metal 01 from Chromatic Hits 2 - Metal
-Ping Marimba from Chromatic Hits 1 - Mix
-Jawharp Plus kit from Free Pack 01
-Automaton 1 kit from Free Pack 02

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Postby zvon; Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:36 pm Re: Expansion packs for Caustic 3 (Android and iOS)

The packs are now available from Google Play as before or from Sampleism:
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Postby iaminsane+; Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:06 am Re: Expansion packs for Caustic 3 (Android and iOS)

great stuff. thanks
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Postby zvon; Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:00 pm Re: Expansion packs for Caustic 3 (Android and iOS)

Hi iaminsane+

You're welcome, I am glad that you're enjoying the sounds!

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