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giant vegetables
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Postby giant vegetables; Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:49 pm comment on using MIDI plugins in ableton live eg MIDIPlug_C

just found your plugins, they're great and basically cover what i was trying to acheive :) -ie a LFO to send CC.

one thing i have noticed with synthedit in ableton live, is by putting some sort of audio through into the plug in the oscillators will run. then adding a seperate MIDI track with a VSTi, you can route the MIDI in using the MIDI from section in the INPUT/OUTPUT section.
(this is how to route the midi from the Sanford LFO in Ableton)

i have however not worked out how to get any of the VSTi parameters to learn from the MIDI generated. so I can record the CC output, but can't assign it to a parameter .

hope that all makes sense:)

i havent quite worked out the most efficient way of adding an audio through, so i just insert something like the Flanger effect :P
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