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Postby Mivo; Sun May 13, 2018 1:25 pm Re: Mulab 8

fluffy_little_something wrote:I think Mulab is complex enough already, and not overly intuitive compared to other DAW's.

Late to this thread's party, but -- I just wanted to chip in that I always found Mulab more intuitive than other DAWs. It may just be me, or the Atari background I share with Jo, but Mulab always "clicked" with me whereas I had trouble getting into other DAWs. I also use FL Studio, which I think many people experience as intuitive, but it never felt that way to me. Then there's Reaper, which I am still learning and feel frequently overwhelmed by. Oddly, Renoise felt intuitive to me, but I suppose it's not that way for others. Oh, and Live, so many people's favorite, that I also failed to get into.

I guess it's always just very subjective what is and isn't intuitive. Mulab's UI being non-standard is something that actually helps me get into a creative mindset, because it puts me into a visually unique environment and snaps me out of the "I'm sitting at my work computer and trying to not work" feeling, which is usually my #1 problem when trying to make music at the computer. I'd probably do well (or better) with hardware, but the only hardware that appeals to me right now is Elektron's stuff, and I'm currently not ready to spend €1250 each for three devices.

If I had to identify the biggest "issue" that Mulab has, I'd say it's the lack of instructional content on YouTube, like "Song from Scratch" videos, narrated demonstrations, cool tricks and tips people have figured out, displays of workflow, etc. But this needs to chiefly come from the community, not from Jo.

What Jo said about "creative sequencing" really resonated with me. That's what I want. I don't look for another Cubase or software that tries very hard to mimic hardware and hardware workflows. I feel that the latter holds back DAWs from emphasizing and focusing on all the untapped potential that modern computers offer for more creative approaches that stray off the beaten track.
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Postby SparkySpark; Sun May 13, 2018 3:38 pm Re: Mulab 8

What a great piece of insight!
Agree with all you wrote. Yes, away with the hw mimicking and let a sequencer be a sequencer in its own right (my first was Pro24 on Atari ST so I understand where - and roughly when - you're coming from).

MuLab is just such a joy to make music with, super fast workflow and easy to understand, while extremely configurable at the same time.

New videos have just been released by a member of the community and I hope for more. There was a really good one recently on side-chain compression.
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Postby Michael L; Sun May 13, 2018 7:31 pm Re: Mulab 8

Mivo wrote:instructional content on YouTube, like "Song from Scratch" videos, narrated demonstrations, cool tricks and tips people have figured out, displays of workflow... needs to chiefly come from the community

Would each user make one video about something he does well in MuLab? If so, how could we easily make decent instructional videos the first time?

Maybe we could learn the same free software (obsproject.com) and follow a similar outline? Then, all our videos would look like a unified series.

Continuing on that thought, a simple outline might include:
1. Focus each video on a musical need (e.g. designing polyrhythms)
2. Start at the default page
3. Organise your workflow by 'steps'
4. Say the name of every thing you use
5. Try out and listen to different possibilities
6. Explain the musical reason for making your final choice

Those are my thoughts. What do you think?
Also, do you think folks need help learning to "Play with MuLab" e.g. take-it-apart-to-figure-it-out?

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