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Postby Caps; Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:56 am Creating Voice Over lead Instruction Videos for MUTools by the Community

The lack of voice lead instructions, unfortunately MUTool technology will remain a well kept secret. Solution (in an environment which has just one person doing all the work)- Encourage the MUTool community to create short video segments (under 3 minute) to assist on: routings, recording suggestions, integration with other hardware and software products and collaborating with others who use other DAW products.

  • Solution A: Depend on the community to volunteer to create instruction videos
  • Solution B: Raise money by asking the community to fund-raise to provide a Video of the Month award. Award the winner $$ for producing a video based upon a criteria set by the rules.
  • Solution C: Setup a Patron account so that funds could be raised. The Patron account could go to MUTools so that prizes or funds could be distributed by MUTools rather than going to an individual instructor.

    I am up for a $25.00 initial contribution for this cause. Why am I wanting to contribute? MUTools, when compared to others, is a great contribution in the way it looks, sounds and allows you to custom model synths.

I am building an in-my-home studio and have always researched things first, before the purchase. MUTools is on the front burner, however I do not know how to achieve tasks and this is taking up too much of my time. Secondly, I am purchasing a surface controller and most come packaged with the lite version of what competes with MUTools and may I add, has a generous collection of voice over instructional videos in English. A well made video is also a selling tool.

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