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Postby sonorman; Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:16 pm Help with Sampson C10u microphone


I am new to using MuLab and have found difficulty with using a Sampson Microphone with the ASIO for all drivers. Regardless of what I do, I consistently get the red cross coming up next to the microphone in the ASIO setup screen once launching the program and attempting to set up audio. I have messed with the mics settings under windows (exclusive control etc...). I have shut down anything that I though might be using the microphone. I have checked that MuLab isn't outputting to MS GS Wavetable synth in the midi section. I have changed the sample rate and messed with the checkboxes on the setup screen of Asio4all with no satisfaction. The problem seems to be specific to a particular machine as I have tried with another computer and it worked. Can anyone suggest what might be going on and whether or not it can be fixed?

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Postby mutools; Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:09 am Re: Help with Sampson C10u microphone

For problems with Asio4All, please see the Asio4All support pages.
FYI: Asio4All is not a MuTools product.

Cfr this docs page: http://www.mutools.com/info/docs/mulab/audio-setup.html

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