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Postby harryupbabble; Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:00 pm Justify Your DC16 Voting Behaviour

If it's wrong for this thread to exist then let me know and I will ask the mods to delete it.
But, I mean, during the contest, I've seen a lot of people express something like "I will vote for this." and "This gets my top vote.", et cetera. So how wrong can it be for this thread to exist when the voting is over?

5 points: Random Midi Arranger - It's the only songwriting tool, and a great one too, to me at least.
4 points: SoftAmp PSA - I can learn to use it properly and get really decent rock guitar sounds.
3 points: MBProcessor - It was a great replacement for my favourite maximizers, limiters, loudeners.
2 points: Spaceship Delay - This wasn't just a delay plugin to me. It's like a Multi-Effects unit. At the time that I was making my test video I thought "This deserves 4 points." But it was late at night and I just forgot to reshuffle my votes.
1 point: antiknot - I love what it could do to snare drums. It's probably great for other instruments.

I had something else last week that needed doing and so I didn't get to test as much DC16 entries but if I did have more time for testing then my bottom 4 slots might be different.

Speaking of which, I'm off to resume testing the Siren VSTi. Seems impressive. Bye.
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Postby khanyz; Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:12 pm Re: Justify Your DC16 Voting Behaviour

For me, SoftAmp PSA was a clear favourite and only had lack of AU against it.

PSA is the only reason I've kept my M-Audio interface and Pro-Tools.

Devicer was second, not brilliant on each type but broad in scope.

Youlean was good, but I do radio work so already have a trusted level system. Maybe it shows DC is not guided by work. This is a good thing as I want to bring progressive software into my workflow.
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Postby Chemik; Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:35 pm Re: Justify Your DC16 Voting Behaviour

I voted in a new way for myself. What I simply knew I would use the most. So, maybe not the best plugs, but the ones I know I will use the most.

FWIW, I gave Roth-Air my 5. Then, in random order I voted for Siren (which I've used twice in songs already), Trickster, Antiknot and Qyooo.
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Postby thomekk; Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:50 pm Re: Justify Your DC16 Voting Behaviour

Of course it was important to vote for the plugs which will be useful for playing / using them in a world past DC.

There are some special ones, which possibly will not be used every day - but anyways they are cool and keepers.
And that's what I like about them - interesting tools for playing and bringing in briskness and some innovation.
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