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Stephanie Pray
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Postby Stephanie Pray; Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:21 pm Lyrical Distortion Re-Releases Bass Libraries in Multi-Format - $10

Lyrical Distortion's Friday Extravaganza $10 one day release February 5, 2010
And Going On All weekend!!!! $10 each

This price is only good all weekend of February 5, 2010

Basses Multi Format Re-Release


Lyrical Distortion Friday Extravaganza $10 weekend of February 5, 2010 is proud to Re-Release our Bass collection in Multi Format.
Bass Collection includes:
'72 Jazz Bass - a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass
Smoke Bass - an Ernie Ball StingRay5 Bass
Dirt Bass - an late eighties Spector Bass
Modern 5 String Bass - an Ibanez 5str Bass

Formats Now Available:
Reason NN-XT


Drums and Direct Bass Only Comparisons of the Basses:
Smoke Bass - http://www.LyricalDistortion.com/Demos/ghost/ghostsmoke.mp3
Dirt Bass - http://www.LyricalDistortion.com/Demos/ghost/ghostdirt.mp3
Modern 5 String Bass - http://www.LyricalDistortion.com/Demos/ghost/ghostmod.mp3
'72 Jazz Bass - http://www.LyricalDistortion.com/Demos/ghost/ghost72.mp3

We hope you enjoy our latest offering for $10!!!

Take Care,
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Postby Rathead; Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:46 pm

Downloading the multi now. I am looking forward to trying this out and am pleased and surprised that the one purchase gets all of the formats I would ever personally use.
Second Star On The Right, And Straight On 'till Morning
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Postby MRT; Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:20 am

Very nice I'm picking up the Musicman and Dirt basses. Their hard to pass up at that price.
Is it possible to upgrade my previously purchased basses to the multi-format bundle? I think you have all the sample playback options covered now.

If I could add, my only complaint or feature I'd like to see added would be some type of control over the volume of hammer-ons,pull-offs and slides. They often seem too subtle. I find your basses excel at rock and roll and I'd like these articulations to be more aggressive.

Regardless thanks for offering up your work at such a great price.
Reverend Rhythm
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Postby Reverend Rhythm; Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:20 pm

You guys have sure been busy!
esoundz name: ReverendRhythm
407 posts since 26 Dec, 2008, from Country Victoria, Australia

Postby Rathead; Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:30 pm

I have had a look at the SFZ format files and, after a bit of a tussle with the SFZ plugin, got it working fine.

It sounds pretty good to me and the overall combo is a lot lighter on its feet CPU wise than kontakt, although it seems to load all samples into RAM as well. Can SFZ stream samples from disc I wonder? Must investigate.

I loaded up four instances of SFZ and loaded a different set of samples in each, then tried some volume automation to emphasise particular sample types (e.g. pick) at particular times, then tried having a track for
each sample type and splitting the bass part between them. A MIDI gate or switch could also be used to send the midi to one instance or another depending which type of sound you wanted in a particular place. Manual scripting, if you like.

With this setup the CPU usage was almost non-existant but the RAM blew out pretty quick.

I certainly missed the kontakt scripting, and the workarounds are a bit tedious but it works OK and sounds good.

At the very least it is a much neater solution than managing a billion samples yourself, and at its best it might support the re-emergance of SFZ as a viable format.

Full marks!
Second Star On The Right, And Straight On 'till Morning

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