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VAZ Modular crashes Cubase 5

Official support for: vaz-synths.com

Moderator: MadGav

8 posts since 28 Apr, 2008

Postby noidear; Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:52 am

Hi Martin,

I just checked this forum earlier and saw your latest post. I was going to try what you suggested, but was having a problem finding the VazMod.ini file in Win 7. However after looking in the folder

C:\Program Files\Vaz\Vaz Modular

(or C:\Program Files (x86)\VAZ Modular for Windows 7 64bit)

I noticed that on the Windows Explorer bar at the top there is a menu called 'Compatibility files' which when I clicked on it opens another folder path called

C:\Users\UserAccountName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\VAZ\VAZ Modular

(or C:\Users\UserAccountName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\VAZ Modular for Windows 7 64bit)

(UserAccountName will be the name of the Windows User Account)

Inside that folder was the VazMod.ini file. So I opened VazMod.ini with notepad and added/edited the following lines

[Plugin Editor]
Embed Mode=1

These lines correspond to the following settings in Vaz Modular Plugin Options > Preferences > Plugin > Editor Options


Embed Mode=0 (This is the same as Never) N.B. This mode works fine for me
Embed Mode=1 (This is the same as Only If Sizable) N.B. This mode works fine
Embed Mode=2 (This is the same as Always) N.B. This mode does NOT work for me

After saving that file I was then able to open up Vaz Modular plugin in Cubase 5 and it now starts up in its own window. As mentioned above, if I change the Embed Mode to 2 the plugin will not start and Cubase crashes. But in the other modes Vaz Modular Plugin opens fine.

The above solution works in both Win 7 64bit and 32bit, so I didnt need to do the registry changes that you mention in the thread above.

I dont know why the Embed Mode=2 (Always mode) crashes Cubase 5 but perhaps you might be able to find out. But in the meantime the other modes work fine and I am able to use Vaz Modular now without a problem. So hope that info helps you and thanks again for the updates and help.
3 posts since 20 Oct, 2010

Postby ject008; Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:35 am

This works for me too, on winXP Sp3, Cubase 5.1 Also for VAZ 2010, which also crashed in Cubase. Thanks for posting this solution, i only recently discovered these synths and i am blown away by the sound, especially the filters! Great work!

Moderator: MadGav

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