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Postby Vadim_K; Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:15 am Shredder VST bugs

Hello to all. Recently I found this nice and very useful Shredder plugin, but I'm a little bit disappointed due to it's instability and would like to know if the author of the plugin is going to release any updates with bugfixes further.

I use Shredder in Cubase 5 on Windows 7 32bit, and I've found the following bugs:

1) If the notes for triggering Play are one after another, the second note doesn't trigger Play. This is not a constant bug, but this happens very very often ! The only solution is to shorten the notes a little bit (e.g. to one 128th note).

2) Pitch. As far I understand, the default pitch of a slot is the center position when the red circle is "filled". The bug is when changing a pitch once and then returning this pitch knob back to the center position - pitch doesn't become default anymore. It becomes faster ! No possibility to return pitch to default after moving this knob once.

Thanks !
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Postby larsby; Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:54 pm

Hello to all also!

To answer your questions.

The developer (I) have not tested on windows 7 nor Cubase 5, windows 7 because it did not exist, and Cubase 5 because (if it existed, I did not have it).

It probably has nothing to do with the windows version though.

The first error is probably due to Cubase sending the note on/offs differently to what the plugin expects. Really really close notes have been used with great success in other DAW's.

The second error I have never encountered as such, can you set the steps for how much the knobs move in Cubase? ctrl-drag or something like that?

/yours fearfully
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2 posts since 28 Sep, 2004

Postby Vadim_K; Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:00 pm

larsby, I can't achieve the second error with the pitch-knob again. I don't know what was that... Honestly, today was the first time I found and tried Shredder, and there was such problem. Now I don't have it, sorry... :roll: If I have this problem again, I will let know.

Regarding the first problem with notes: I confirm the second note (as on my screenshot above) is rejected by the plugin. To be more precise, there is more interesting situation: for example, if there are 8 such notes one after another: the notes 1,3,5,7 work. The remaining notes don't. If shortening the notes to 128th - all 8 notes work OK. However, it's not a big problem to shorten the notes to a 128th fraction.

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