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Postby V'ger; Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:24 am One-Synth-Challenge 26: ZynAddSubFX - Voting and Results

Time to vote for your top 5 tracks. All tracks are here.

- Give 5 points to the track you think is best, 4 for second, then 3, 2 and 1.
- Voting is open to anyone.
- Last day for voting is 15th April (KVR time).
- If you have entered in the competition, you must vote to be eligible for prizes.
- No voting for yourself.
- Voters must have had 20 prior forum posts or participated in this month's contest.
-In the case of equal scores after voting, they will be separated by how many 5pts they got, then 4pts and so on.

You should allocate your votes, in a single post, in this thread ... something like this ....
Artist zxy - Track zxy: 5
Artist xqy - Track xqy: 4
Artist zyx - Track zyx: 3
Artist zqx - Track zqx: 2
Artist qzx - Track qzx: 1

Reviews, however brief, are always welcome. Even if you can only find the time to add a short comment, then please do! ...it keeps the thread alive and encourages others to listen/vote. A pro/con type review is always most interesting and useful, so do that if you can.
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Postby RuediRena; Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:01 am

Here are our votes:

Fundamental - Stepping - 5
Folderol - Into The Gates Of Arram Koth - 4
Zlouis - Tension - 3
Laklop - ZYN and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - 2
V'ger - Zynith - 1

Postby ParadoxUn; Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:01 am

5. Mike777 - Restore
4. Jackoo - Wild
3. CapDan - Twelve
2. Folderol - Into
1. Zlouis - Tension
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Postby peerjam; Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:36 am

5 Mike777 - Restore a planet to life
4 Autostatic - The Speeding train
3 Folderol - Into the Gates ...
2 Bjporter - Stick um up ...
1 Vger - Zynith
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Postby folderol; Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:12 pm

5 Vger Zynth
4 Mike777 RestoreAPlanetToLife
3 Yeager TooLittleTooLate
2 Jackoo WildCatInSpace
1 Ruedirena Sandefur

Astonishing quality guys!
It wasn't me! (well, actually, it probably was)
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Postby olikana; Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:34 am

great tracks. probably the highest quality entries of any OSC so far.
standouts in most tracks are the vocal pads.

5-V'ger epic track where every sound just fits right and great attention to detail.. from the vocal pads to the kickass bass...fabulous sounds.
4 Yeager a huge variety of sounds...and i'm a sucker for synthguitars
3 autostatic a VNV kinda groove. well produced. sounds good.
2 zlouis not much goin on in this track ...but nice analog porriddge distortions and analog style noise percussions the way i like them.
1 bjporter a decent trance track all made with 1 synth is impressive no matter if it's not my cup of tea.

@mike777 your track deserved a better bass sound, a classic moog funk bass would have made your track fly.
@jackoo nice production and sounds but i don't think covers are allowed (although they should be imo)
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Postby jackoo; Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:27 pm

covers?? what covers? the track is my own :)

does it sound similar to something else, to you? and yes... covers are allowed, as mentioned in the rules.
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Postby laklop; Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:08 pm

Great work guys and a pleasure to be taking part:

My votes go to:

5pts Paradoxun - Zyncon
4pts BJPorter - Stick em up
3pts AutoStatic - The Speeding Train
2pts Gorgoogathgorgorgor - Steam
1pts Mike777 - Restore a Planet

So I'm going to take the risk and try and give everyone's piece a bit of a comment. I hope I don't upset anyone. I'd love to get more feedback about my piece, whatever people thought.

I feel like the hardest thing about Zyn is sorting out the timings on resonance and echos. I'd love to know more about how people manipulate this stuff. Also, I don't know why mine isn't as loud as others. I should have compressed it or something.

I think everyone's track was mastered incredibly well. I have an excellent stereo but felt I really needed some powerful monitors to listen to the stuff and do the tracks justice. zyn has a fantastic sonic range that everyone seemed to exploit really well.

Autostatic - Some really nice harmonies and great nice orchestration. Nice haunting hi-freq ringing throughout. Good use of full range of drums. Lovely range of frequencies.

BJPorter - Wow. Very powerful professional sound garnered from the synth. That driving Kick sound is particularly impressive. Feels like summer already. Would love to know how u sequenced this. Really tight rhythms. Some excellent original drum sounds perfectly used.lovely fades.

V'ger - Nice brian eno feel at the beginning to create a strong epic feel with those bells. Great range of instruments brought together. Excellent use of those big drums.

Yeager - Really feels like a journey around the synth into the darkest corners of where it can go. The guitar stuff is masterful. The ending was very powerful.

Fundamental. Some cool sounds in here. Like the little tappy lead sound. I do feel like I've heard this somewhere before though.

Gorgoogathar. This piece made me chuckle with that funny wailing droning synth sound that features at the heart of the piece. I would love to have that sound.

Ruedi Rena. Very Epic sounding and a great range of sounds from across the synth used. nice depth of composition and nice floaty clouds.

Mike 777 another piece that really grabs the attention and is good fun. makes me smile Reminds me of old computer games.

Zlouis. Cool floating sequencer sounds. Great change of pace. Nice range of biting rasping sounds and floating noise.

jackoo - Nice floaty noises. Felt very spacey.

CapDan. Best bit was cool basey bit with guitar. felt it could have been a bit quicker.

Paradoxun Intense Kick. This was great and minimal, dark and menacing. my sort of thing. I like this a lot but my home speakers couldn't quite handle it! Wish I had some FAT monitors to listen to this one.
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Postby gorgorgathgorgorgor; Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:44 am

Hooray! Two points! (I feel like I'm the lone standard-bearer for weirdness this go-round)

Postby ParadoxUn; Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:41 am

laklop: Should be quite a clean kick too. I made a special version of the limiter for this track, which used longer lookahead for lower frequencies. So the kick should be clean right down to 50hz. (Where it's main frequency is.)

That reminds me, maybe I should do a wideband envelope for the multiband limiter.

But enough about the limiters in the osc thread. :) lol.

Praised be the immanent transcendent self, for the 5 points!
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Postby folderol; Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:57 am

Very pleased I got some nice votes especially considering the quality of the competition :hyper:
It wasn't me! (well, actually, it probably was)
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Postby glokraw; Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:02 am

5 points V'ger
4 points BjPorter
3 points ParadoxUn
2 points Laklop
1 point Mike777

My 3 criteria were,

which song made me want to use the same instrument
which song took advantage of what the instrument offers
which song did I want to hear again

All the entries have good unique elements, and if I were
given an hour to edit each one, my voting would have been different.

Special thanks to Jackoo for such diligent coding, and many updates, to make this instrument more stable, and usable! Hopefully the word will spread, and people who once deleted it, will go for another test run. And thanks also to William Godfrey, Cormi, Laba170, and Paul Nasca for a fine collection of patches, and for V'ger, taking over
the considerable responsibility for running a solid competition.
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Postby bjporter; Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:10 am

Great songs everyone! :tu:

5 - V'ger - Zynith (masterpeice)
4 - Jackoo / Vlad - Wild Cat in Space (total lulz + great song)
3 - Yeager - Too Little Too Late (drum buildup with guitar was frickin sweet)
2 - Zlouis - Tension (refreshing sounds)
1 - Gorgorgathorgorgor (Original, refreshing)

Reviews (In order of most liked to less liked)
V'ger - Zynith
Great choirs! Really great synths. Really nice mixing here. I can tell you put a lot of love into this. Arrangement is very mystical, and powerful.

Jackoo / Vlad - Wild Cat in Space.
+1 for the hilarious title. Love the little drum fills. Nice spacious mixing :) too. The Subtle pads used really fill up the space, and compliment the orchestral string stabs. 1:50 totally kick butt entrance of the saw synth :) here. I'm a sucker for weird effects, and space so 2:30+ was awesome. The cat must be going hyperspeed!

Yeager - Too little too late
Nice use of guitars! Loads of energy. Love the mixing and arrangement around 3:00. Buildup at 3:35 is classic. Wish it ended with an even bigger buildup! :)

Tension - Zlouis
Love the synths in the intro… great buildup at 0:38. 3:17 is awesome, crazy synths here. Nicely done. EQ might be a bit weird on really low end. Nice panning too :)

Intriguing sounds here. Love the background pad / rise fall action around 1:00. Really interesting blend of sounds! Kick ass reverse sounds at 1:40. 2:34 is a tasty sound :) Clap was not my favorite, but was full, and powerful. Which the mix had a touch more space and depth, maybe reverb / fx or some more pads would REALLY be sweet.

ParadoxUn - Zyncon
Nice bass sounds. Huge fan of the way the song moved around 50 - the synth there is really trippy… very nice. Love the dance feel.

Mike777 - Restore a planet to life
Wasn't too fond of this one until 45 seconds in - very nice melodic work here. The drums afterword kick it off. The mixing was very nice as well. 1:56 is a great use of strings, and organ rock solid. 2:36 to 2:56 - kick ass pad/string sound. Sweet how it comes back to the 80's style at 3:50.

Felderol - Into the Gates of Arram Koth
Great ambience in the intro. Nice brass solo sound. Really loved part after 1:35… the pads in the background are so epic. That melody leaves you hanging a bit, but worked. 3:43 is beautiful use of strings, and whistley sound. Nicely panned here! 4:12 kick ass organ, and swirly whirly synth. I absolutely love the 4:30 synth… so airy, whistle-ish, edgy… really nice mixture here. Interesting chorus in 5:02. One of my favorite parts was the ending strings. Wasn't fond of the overall thematic material, but the synths blended well, and the timbres utilized well. Great mixing.

Stepping - Fundamental
Awesome guitar plonky, wompy, glidey sound at 45 seconds. Twas a tease… too short hehe.

Zyn and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Cool FX in the intro. Awesome bass line around 3:00 - really mean sounding, and full. 4:00 great wobly sounds going on here. Could see them being a bit dirtier, but nice job anyhow. I feel much more knowledge about the motorcycle now :hihi:

RuediRena - Sandefur
Really pleasant sounds here. Nice strings at 1:49.

AutoStatic - The Speeding Train
Nice percussion + bass at 1:15… loads of energy. Love the bass after 2:26 break.

CapDan - Twelve O'Clock
Absolutely loved the kick. Nice vibe overall. Wasn't fond of the space (i'm a huge reverb head :hihi:, and some sounds seemed not interesting.

(own review)
Bjporter - I've got a supersaw, put your hands up, now dance
Hmm… should have mixed up the intro a bit more. Did this song later on the last, so I wasn't able to add any decent percussion - in the fact my percussion sucks terribly in this song - it stinks of cows dung. Had to decide weather to make the song percussion oriented or synth.
I really really like the buildup after the choir, that worked out well. The first 15 seconds are nice too. The bass + kick was not bad either.
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Postby bjporter; Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:36 am

Hey, here is midi data from Zyn Supersaw song. I was in such a mad rambling frenzy to finish this before time, the project was unreadable :hihi: but I managed to excavate and dig out this, organized in a .mid file:

Thanks :)
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Postby Zlouis; Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:05 am


First of all, you must know that it was hard to make a choice. Every track has it's own particularity which make it special and attractive. So i can say that here are the most attractives.

5 - V'ger - Zynith
4 - AutoStatic - The speeding train
3 - Yeager - Too Little Too late
2 - BjPorter - Stick em up
1 - laklop - Zyn and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Exellent. I makes me dreaming of space. From the start to the end the tension is present and you play with it so easily...

This track is very well mixed, I love the drums and bass tracks at 1.00, it's moving me.

Great synths, I love the guitars at 2.30 and the drums at 3.20

Great use of low/high pass filters. It's very common in techno, but it sounds great anymore. It makes me dancing :D

Dark ambiance when starting, very nice, I like the progression. One synth sound like a clock

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