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Maize Sampler 2.1 Update

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Postby caoxiang; Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:39 pm Maize Sampler 2.1 Update

Image Image

- What you see is what you get player GUI editor with custom knobs and buttons
- 64 bit compatible editor and player
- Bug fixes and document update

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Postby Cyforce; Wed May 04, 2011 4:13 am

Great update!
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Postby Karmacomposer; Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:43 am

I agree - excellent.

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Postby Karmacomposer; Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:50 pm

After downloading 2.15, some things have changed. You can now design your GUI and you can choose from a nice list of options what your knobs (or sliders) can control.

That said, I really wish there were a few more features available.

One feature would be the ability to load way more than ONE sampleset at a time. Almost all romplers and sample players allow you to load four or more samplesets at a time. From Wusik to Kontakt to the amazing Aria Player, you can load anywhere from 6 layers in Wusik to 16 samplesets in the Aria Player. In Maize you can only load one. This makes it VERY one dimensional. There is no way to layer anything. No ability to zone anything. Purchasers of synths and samplers want to be able to do these things and sample developers and preset designers want more features to create more rich and varied presets. Maize sampler will never be anything more than a joke until it can allow for multiple layers (at least 8 would be nice).

Another one would be to allow for layering and zoning in the editor as well. Right now you can layer per velocity. Fine. However, what if we want to layer multiple samplesets to make a rich sounding one, like a strings section or brass section or an otherworldly soundscape with multiple elements. With this layering would be zoning - telling Maize Sampler the low and high notes of a sampleset. None of this can be done currently as far as I know.

Also, since Maize supports creating keyswitches, wouldn't it be nice to allow us to choose the color of the keyswitched keys and the ones they affect. Almost all other samplers now do this so that the user can tell at a glance what keyswitch works with what sets of keys.

The exported vsti needs the most work. The exported vsti needs EFFECTS, FILTERS and OSCILLATORS to make an effective virtual instrument. It needs Distortion, Chorus and Delay, a compressor/limiter, more filtering choices and perhaps an oscillator or two to affect whole samplesets and maybe an arp/gate. If the exported virtual instrument had the layers, the effects, filters, oscillators, an arp/gate and plenty of preset editing prowess for dev's clients, you would have a clear winning product that would get serious sales.

Another feature that Maize editor could use - in the GUI editor - is a visible grid and SNAP TO grid so that you can line up controls and graphics properly. Layering is probably too much to ask, but it would definitely make it more powerful.

I also noticed that if I try to extend the GUI, say to 800 x 600, it does not stick. It goes back to the previous tiny little size. Even if I open the XML and change it physically and press SAVE it still goes back. What do you have to do to make it stick? Also, where is the XML file that the vsti that is exported reads for the GUI info? I cannot find it.

Scripting would perhaps be the last bastion, but I believe the above features are way more important.

What really gets my goat is that Maize Sampler has an EXCELLENT editor. Seriously top notch and fun/easy to use. So, it KILLS ME that the above features are not available. It just seems so obvious. Perhaps Maize Sampler is simply not organized properly.

It is a great key mapper - one of the best I have used. The editor makes it easy to bring in samples, place them on keys, set the root note and stretch them in whatever direction you see fit. This should, however, be a separate editor. There should be a main menu. The keymapper should be one menu choice - and this allows you to create your multisamples for use in the exported vsti. However, another choice would be the layer editor that would allow you to layer and zone multisamples together to form presets. Another menu choice would be the GUI editor - much like it is now - devoted to creating the GUI. It could even have photoshop-like tools to create the GUI in the editor itself. Better yet, team up with Skinman and Knobman creator and offload the skin and control editing to that capable and excellent graphics software (oh, and FREE as well). Finally, another menu choice would be to EXPORT the finished vsti and define the copy protection and developer info.

With just a more organized software as outlined above, Maize Sampler would be as almost as good as the likes of Halion and Kontakt (much simpler and not as full featured, but pretty damn good). Since none of the other samplers export to a stand-alone vsti, this is the perfect niche for many Synthedit and Synthmaker developers who want to create romplers (and would like to do so in 32 bit or 64 bit and cross platform) and not just synths. Maize offers some pretty good features, just not enough and CERTAINLY not in the exported vsti as of yet.


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