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Postby Astralp; Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:34 am Arp Updated to v1.5

Arp has been updated to v1.5 with the following additions:

    ARP Sequence Lights added - Now there is a row of lights below the main ARP Sequencer to demonstrate which position is currently active. Note that this is designed for monophonic mode, in Polyphonic mode the lights indicate the first triggered sequence.
    4 x CC Sequencers added - This brings the total to 7 independent CC Sequencers.
    CC Sequencer Modes - A new menu offers alternative modes for the CC Sequencers such as Envelope Mode which will draw a linear line between points sending out a CC Value every 32nd note. For this to be useful the CC sequencer should be set to a slow tempo.
    Copy/Paste Functions - Allows copying the ARP Sequence and lanes from one patch to another.
    Double/Quad Functions - Double will copy the first 16 beats of the ARP Sequencer and lanes to the last 16 beats, for easily repeating the pattern without manually editing the events. Quad will repeat the first 8 beats 3 times.
    Colour Coded Step Markers - Beneath the lights are some markers to denote each bar start etc making it clearer which step is being edited.
    CC Shift functions fixed - Shift Left/Right wasn't working on the CC Sequencers.
    GUI Open Bug - Previously the GUI needed to be open at least once when opening an existing project for all the data to be initialized, this is now resolved.
    CC Knob Assignments added.

The demo has also been updated and can be downloaded from the ARP Page.

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