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Freeing deleted plugins from memory

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Postby ZioKiller; Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:17 pm Freeing deleted plugins from memory

Hello developers and everybody.

I have a question, and please accept my apologies if this has already been addressed before but I've been away from the forums since a long time.

I am stil stuck with a very old version of Energy-XT, version 1.4.1 dated April 2006, and this version has a known bug with multi-core processors that affects the MIDI stream. But the reason why I'm still using that version today is that I use EXT for quick testing my plugins during development, and when I say "quick" I really mean "quick" because right after the compiler has done his job, I drag and drop the DLL file into the EXT main Window and test the program, then I delete it when done without having to quit EXT.

Unfortunately, this can't be done with EXT starting from version 2 because even when you delete a plugin from the project, it is still being used by EXT and the file is locked. In this case, I should have to quit EXT2 every time I want to test a new build of my plugin. And, of course, this is not "quick" any more :)

Is there a possibility, in a future release of EXT, to make it free the DLL from memory and unlock the file once this has been deleted from the project? This would help me to part with EXT1 and finally use EXT2 :)

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Postby insertpizhere; Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:09 pm

This used to bother me, but now I do use XT2 to test my plugins. You don't actually have to quit XT... I just save a project with the plugin I'm testing, then ctrl-N to make a new project (this clears the plugin from memory), compile, go back to XT and press ctrl-L to reload the project.
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Postby ZioKiller; Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:13 am

Fine! I have to try. Thank you for the hint.
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Postby ZioKiller; Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:35 am

Ok... it is workable, but still not practical like just deleting the unused plugin from the modular window. I sometimes use other plugins when testing my own, for example a spectrum analyzer, or external equalizations, etc. so having to call a new (empty) project every time would require to reload all other plugins as well.

I'd be happy if XT2 would completely unload the deleted plugin from memory, that'd be great :)

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