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Postby Doug1978; Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:01 am A mystery smooth classical tune which, like a fool, I've now forgotten - please help!

Hi everybody

Sorry for the vague title and thread - very frustratingly I've got a smooth classical tune going round in my head for the past few days that I know is very famous and I'm pretty sure I've heard it on a movie soundtrack recently too.

I think that it's a tune from the 1950-1960s, and its the sort of thing that Percy Faith and his orchestra might have played (but I'm pretty sure that it's not him).

I've dummied up what I think are at least some of the notes (the Bb-Eb-D-C pattern) here on the 'Piano in Blue' Kontakt library and added some drum sweeps from Addictive Drums:

(mp3 - 3MB)

Sorry for the lousy playing and dubious re-interpretation :oops:

If anyone does recognise the tune from that repeated Bb-Eb-D-C pattern, I'd be very grateful as I'd then be able to go out and buy the song instead of it teasing me forever more.

Many thanks in advance.

Doug :)
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Postby Hovmod; Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:28 am

First I thought it was The Beatles' "And I love her", but then you kept doing the same thing over plus the squiggles on top... No chord progression to help us?

Ogg Vorbis
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Postby Ogg Vorbis; Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:16 am

Doug1978(tempID) wrote: classical tune

1978 posts since 19 Jun, 2011, from a world of Black Thunder chocs

Postby Doug1978; Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:30 pm

Hi Hovmod and Ogg Vorbis

Many thanks for your replies, and sorry again for the vagueness - I wish I could remember more of the song or any chord progression but I've just got that small snippet going round in my head :oops:
It does indeed sound a bit like 'And I Love Her', but sadly I don't think it is The Beatles - it's more an instrumental waltzy orchestral type tune (which is what I meant by classical Ogg, sorry).

It's probably going to be impossible for anyone to get that tune just from the small Bb-Eb-D-C pattern, so sorry for the randomness :hihi:

It's still haunting me (though hopefully I'll either remember more of it / remember its name in a few more days' time, or just forget it!).

Still, I might as well ask the question to you nice people - have you ever had a tune haunt you for a few days which you just can't remember the name of?

Many thanks again.


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