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Punch: User map not working

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Postby V'ger; Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:04 pm Punch: User map not working

According to the manual you can set a custom MIDI mapping by editing the file user.map in a text editor:

User Mapping:

In User Mapping mode, Punch reads in the midi mapping from the "user.map" file
which is located in the rob papen\punch\map\ folder.
This is a text file, in which you can define which drum / pattern is triggered by which midi note.
The format is [midi note]:[drum]

[midi note] - is the midi note from 0 to 127
[drum] - is the drum / pattern to be triggered, and they are

So for example if the User.map file contains these line
0: BD1
24: BREAK3

Then midi note 0 will trigger bass drum 1, midi note 12 will trigger Sample 2 and midi note 24 will trigger Break pattern 3. All other notes are set by default to the standard setting. The Standard & GM.map files contains the Standard and GM midi maps.

I've been trying to set this but without success. At first I thought it might be the path as I have a non-standard one, but checking the registry, the path showed as C:\Rob Papen\Punch\Maps which is nowhere near where it was installed or even suggested by the installer, very weird. Even after changing the path to the correct one, there is no change.

In any case, standard.map and gm.map can be swapped from within Punch to show it's actually working, but if I inspect those files they are identical so something strange is going on.
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Postby Concretefx; Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:31 pm

Hi there

That is all odd, about mapping looking at the registry here, and it sems to be ok path to MappingDir, and from my testing mapping should work.

Ok what is probably best to do, send me something that doesn't work. So send me a pm with your email and I'll get contact and I can something to test off you.


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Postby V'ger; Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:28 am

I can do that, but like I said both the Standard and GM maps are identical yet will change the sounds when changed in Punch so it seems the map files have no function at all. I can change any paramater in the user map and it has no effect.

I have searched the whole disk in case there are double versions but there isn't any.

And the map path is also correct in the registry.

This is Win 32 SP3 if it matters any.
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Postby V'ger; Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:01 am

Ok got this fixed now thanks to fast support from Jon, so for reference to others, the fault was wrong paths in Windows registry. This had in fact to be set manually.

Where it says:


..set the complete path like for example:

C:\some folder\Punch\Maps\User.map

Also note that the path \Maps in the above and other registry entries does not match the actually folder Punch makes on the disk which is \Map, so this you must also fix.

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