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Postby Burillo; Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:21 am

xamido wrote:What are you guys getting mad of? Now that the price is lowered i'll try it and if i like it i'll buy it.

we voiced our criticisms, the developer responded the way he felt was the most appropriate, now someone isn't happy because developer was sane enough to suggest that maybe the price was indeed a bit too high. the usual.
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Postby Lotuzia; Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:13 pm

Crackbaby wrote:By the way, no sketchy working knobs here, they worked perfectly and felt very responsive.

Nice :)

works ok in all my hosts as well :)
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Postby murnau; Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:17 pm

cool! the price is okay now! :love:
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Postby realmarco; Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:25 pm

the demo youtube video is really a cool. the plugin works. To be faire this concept isnt new.

though you have to be a experienced Mix engineer to pull it off
with EQ,compressors and side-chaining.

Turn it on, twiddle the knobs find the sweet-spot, DONE!

Mac versions yay
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Postby vata44; Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:03 pm

Would a full band Side Chain Compressor achieve the same results?
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Postby Spitfire31; Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:23 pm

vaisnava wrote:Would a full band Side Chain Compressor achieve the same results?

The basic principle is dynamic EQing, isn't it? So, a multi band side chain comp might, if it has enough bands.

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Postby grymmjack; Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:08 pm

meh, I feel that depending on a tool for this kind of fundamental mixing stuff is a bit unwise, but then I'm the kind of guy that hasn't made hardly any music, doesn't take himself seriously, and likes to learn how to fish for himself.
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Postby Crackbaby; Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:20 pm

Why is it unwise? If i flip it around, what tools are wise to depend on?
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Postby A.M. Gold; Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:08 am

Fishing poles, apparently.
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Postby wavesfactory; Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:26 am

Selfik wrote:Elevayta Space Boy does this and has more features for only $29.95 :wink:

Trackspacer is a 0 latency solution. Furthermore I'm not sure Elevayta is a 100% transparent solution (this has to be tested) when no reduction is asked, which Trasckspacer is. And of course, Trackspacer is faraway more simple and quick to use (I don't speek of mac rtas/au and maybe AAX solution)
- Wavesfactory.
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Postby Compyfox; Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:03 am

maxxxter wrote:Great, consider yourself muted then.

Since I'm now muted, I don't need to answer this.

Then again, it's sad really... dunno if you ever learned something of my tech-posts. Whatever, doesn't matter... :shrug:

maxxxter wrote:What? Have you even tried Space Boy? It has considerably more features! Even a proper spectrum display! Also, the internal link system is, IMO, a much better way of implementing this idea, especially given that setting-up a vst 2.4 'native sidechaining' in some hosts causes real headache. Btw, different format/platform support does not make it 'more current', at least not in my book.

Yes I have tried it, and I did like it's concept (I also hard artifact issues btw). But I never needed it since I use my ears and sutiable EQs, or sidechain compression (ducking) instead.

maxxxter wrote:So, you admit to speaking nonsense?
Thanks, I thought so.

The same could be said for half of KVR.
Said it before: I don't feel adressed by this.

maxxxter wrote:You have a VERY selective perception of what's being said here, only to suit your own views, of course. I completely disagree with you here; points made by people so far are valid and...

Again, same could be said about the likes of "you" as well.

maxxxter wrote:First of all - I'm not your dog, so watch your language!
Secondly, if you have the right to "express yourself" here, the rest of us have that same right too. I'll speak my mind whenever I feel is appropriate.

Who should watch his/her language?

Now please do a barrel roll - press R twice.
Oh sorry - wrong game. :tu:

Burillo wrote:yes. overpriced - fewer sales, less support, good chance of having less revenue. right price - more sales, more support, good chance of having more revenue. vicious circle, god dammit. the point isn't that the price is high. the point is that it's too high for a lot of people (at least in this thread) to consider purchasing it. WavesFactory could have stood his ground, and as i said, i wouldn't object to that. are you saying i can't state my own opinion that the price is (well, was) too high for me to consider purchasing it?

Do you imply that? Cause I don't think I ever said it.
I critisized the way how it was adressed. And you seemed to be one of the more reasonable ones out there.

Burillo wrote:i'm sorry, but what are you talking about? just do a search on "overpriced" on KVR, you'll see LOADS of complaining about different established developers - IK Multimedia, Steinberg, Waves, etc. etc. This is obvious bullshit on your part.

Sorry, but it's not.

Agreed, IKM is constantly being critisized about their prices, but they also do constant sales. Steinberg is critisized due to their overpriced plugins (see Yamaha and Neve) not to mention upgrade cycles - but people shell out the money. Waves recently dropped all their prices, but is still critisized due to the WUP plan (which is optional).

I do know the other way around as well. Linplug, while they were still in their beginnings - often critisized for their way of doing things - especially CP schemes, not necessarily price. Klanghelm was critisized for his already low prices to begin with, yet it was still to expensive for certain people. SKnote (I still consider him independent) recently dropped ALL his prices - he was also critisized before.

And the prime example from most recent days:
B.A.Tech - high prices for SE/SM standard modules, crazy marketing, crap page. He now dropped everything and turned freeware.

Or do I need to bring up Crysonic as well? The prime exampe of how not to do it, ever? Yes don't think so.

Burillo wrote:so you're saying more sales at a good price cannot bring more revenue than less sales at a higher price?

To some extend - yes.

Burillo wrote:ah, yes, that old bullshit story about piracy and how no one will create anything anymore if X or Y happens. tell that to bootsy, lepou, and ignite amps and all the other great plugin developers that release free plugins rivalling the best commercial ones.[/b]

This is their opinion to do so, and I know that certain developers from that bunch would love to get paid, or get donations. Then again, these tools aren't cracked.

Regarding "not creating anything anymore" - take a dive through KVR's backlog with this topic. Due to this, certain developers lost interest in releasing new tools, or went on to high class CP systems (which in turn is then critisized).

It's a give/take situation here.

I only try to stand in for the developer here.

Apparently people love free candy, er I mean "low priced" tools - so everyone is happy. Why continuing this debate then? I said it earlier - excellent work, "community".

One of the reasons why I don't like KVR - but I live with it, because it's one of the only great plugin based discussion boards out there. And I know it can be better than this.

To WavesFactory:
Good luck with your plugin. While I personally don't need such a solution (I'm using dynamic EQ's, sidechained solutions or simply my ears), I'm sure some will get a use out of it.

I rather have an eye on your samples for the time being. ;)

Have a good day, everyone.
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Postby zArt; Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:38 am

What makes a price fair? If a product is one of a kind then the producer can price it anyway he wants but what if there is Competition?
You can see it the car business, CPUs business and you can definitely see it in software business, or in our case plug-in/sample business.
The price also depends on the market the producer wants to hit and the market share he wants to achieve.

@Compifox, from what i read from you, you use Wavesfactory's sample packs, why is that? Quality? sure. Price? (I won't answer this one for you.)

Maybe Wavesfactory isn't targeting so much the 'Pros' with this plug-in but instead the amateurs and the hobbyists and set the price accordingly.

My 2c.
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Postby Burillo; Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:08 am

OK i'm done flaming. no one has ever won an argument on an Internet.

WavesFactory however has earned a few more goodwill points in my eyes :-) i already have a few sample libraries, maybe if i like this plugin enough i'll buy it too. while everything it does can be achieved by other means, sometimes i'm just lazy :-D my demo hasn't expired yet so...
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Postby Crackbaby; Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:22 am

Having easy tools lets creativity and energy be spent elsewhere :)

I see there's a stereo input and then two mono, or have i misunderstood it?
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Postby chokehold; Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:24 am

Compyfox wrote:Now please do a barrel roll - press R twice.

Made my day! :tu:
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