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Postby doctornash; Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:06 pm audio recording hardware-sequenced gear into energy xt

Hi all. To date, my recording has either been 'all external hardware', 'all in PC', or 'PC sequencing external hardware and recorded externally'. I am now staring at the following bits and pieces on the table:

a) A MPC 500: used as sequencer and sampler
b) A Mopho. This is MIDI'd to the MPC 500: used as an additional sound module
c) A Behringer 202 stereo USB recording interface
d) A laptop with XT on it

And since I'm engaging in this kind of workflow for the first time, was hoping for some advice as to how to set things up in XT so as to achieve the following:

i) A stereo audio track of the MPC 500 output (with the vocal samples muted)
ii) A mono audio track of the MPC 500 vocal samples sequence (ie with all sounds muted on the MPC 500 except the vocals)
iii) A stereo audio track of the Mopho output

Such that all the audio tracks end up in sync once recorded? Idea of course being to be able to process each track separately in XT before mixing down.

Conceptually, would this entail:
• three repeat plays of the MPC 500 sequencer
• with a different output stream being recorded through the 202 interface each time
• pressing play on the MPC begins audio recording from the 'same starting spot' in XT each time?
104 posts since 21 Jul, 2010

Postby doctornash; Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:23 pm

So I take it there is no ability to slave energyxt to midi clock transmitted by an external hardware sequencer? How about the reverse - can energyxt send midi clock as master? I tried reaper and it can send midi clock, and so I was able to trigger my gear from reaper and record different sets of outputs of the gear back into reaper as separate, synced audio tracks. However, even reaper has trouble slaving to midi clock cleanly - so I can't use my external sequencer as the master. If energyxt can neither transmit midi clock or slave to it, I'll reluctantly use reaper in the manner above.

Postby deleted; Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:16 pm

104 posts since 21 Jul, 2010

Postby doctornash; Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:56 am

Thanks for the advice. I see what you mean - I must admit I am surprised at energy xt being such a 'loner' :o I would have thought the ability to act as a clock master was fundamental to any decent DAW. I've configured up Reaper and it is driving my external gear to perfection - midi, midi-to-audio and audio overdubs are spot-on synced. Such a shame though - would have loved to have used energy xt as I much prefer its no-nonsense interface and layout. Reaper is like some kind of gigantic swiss army knife with 50000 gadgets - you know you'll find what you're looking for in there SOMEWHERE, but the searching and learning is off-putting :cry:

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