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Postby eazypop; Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:42 am Affordable Field Recorder

Hello im new 2 this site but heard through friends that i should ask my question here. A while ago i was using my friends Zoom H2 as a live microphone for singing with some pretty sick effects in fruity loops. I was always aloud to borrow it until someone stole it...
Now im leaving 2 indonesia for 3 months and i want to buy an affordable fieldrecorder so i can record all the different sounds there :D
I was looking at the zoom h1, it has al the specs im looking for (like direct playback thsough headphones) and its also the pricerange im looking for. The only thing it doesnt have is the option to record in 360, so its only linear...
So know im looking for one that has all the options the h1 has and maybe works with a normal sized SD Card with 360 recording, around the same price of the H1.
I'm a bit of a noob in prices and where to buy, but if there's any way to be able to get/do this id appreciate the help!

thnx :D
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Postby Vaylos; Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:44 am

Not sure you're going to find surround sound recording capability in a $100 handheld recorder.

It looks like if you specifically want that feature, you'll have to go with the H2n. Even the H4n @ $270 doesn't do surround sound recording, but it does have the ability to connect two additional mics on the bottom.

One of the guys on our forum used a pair of the Karma K-Micron mini-condensers and plugged them straight into the inputs on his H4n.

Another recorder in the $100 range is the Tascam DR-05 or DR-08, but again, you're not going to get a surround sound option on it. You might be able to find something between $100 and $200 that has a pair of omni-directional mics, and maybe pull off doing some mid-side recording, but from what I've looked through, I think the H2n is the only handheld recorder that specifically states 360-degree surround sound recordings.

Maybe you can find an H2n on the cheap somewhere? Or maybe used?
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