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Postby freewayland; Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:57 pm Soundiron's Mercury Symphonic Boychoir - Available Now!


We are very proud to announce the release of our Mercury Symphonic Boychoir.

Check out the video trailer here.

Mercury is the single most comprehensive, playable and powerfully sampled children's choir. We took everything we learned during the recording and production of Mars and Venus and are applying all of it to create a truly masterful virtual boychoir. In order to capture the unique sound of a traditional English boy's choral ensemble, we spent over 8 days in the same lush hall as Olympus recording the award-winning Pacific Boychoir with the help of Director Kevin Fox and maestro Robert Geary.

Mercury is available now for the low price of only $399!

Click Here to Order Now!

Mercury Features:
    42 Sustaining Marcatos w/ deep round-robin and pp/fff dynamic layering.
    42 Staccatos w/ 4x round-robin, including pp/fff dynamic layering on 6 core vowels.
    18 Traditional Latin Polysustains w/ tempo-synching, legato & 2x rr releases.
    Whispered Polysustains.
    Dynamic Layered PP/FF True Legato Vowels.
    Unique Poly-staccatos.
    2 unique soloists, one young and one older.
    The Soloists feature a variety of staccatos, poly-syllabic phrases, and fluid true legato.
    2 Room positions (close and far), created from a blend of 12 large diaphragm Neumann microphones.
    Specifically designed for easy surround sound mixing, mix customization and resource efficiency.
    A chorus of 20+ singers from the award-winning Pacific Boychoir (Ages 8-13).
    New Word Master System - an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you choose from dozens of sustaining marcato words and staccato syllables on the fly, all with multi-layer selection and blending, legato, key-switching and more.
    Combined Marcato/Staccato Phrase Builder with preset saving and the ability to store and cycle or keyswitch between up to 16 different user created sequences.
    Dynamic Layered PP/FF True Legato Vowels (Ah, Oh, Oo, Eh, Ee and Mm).
    Classic Ensemble Whistle legato.

15.5 GB Installed
14,605 Samples
77 nki instrument presets
24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format
Open format to allow user customization
Format(s): Kontakt 4 & 5 .nki and pcm .wav

Check out the full user manual here.

As always Mercury features an extensive yet easy-to-use, fully automatable user interface and a collection of custom ambiences and soundscapes hand-crafted from the source material.

Mercury requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 and later. The free Kontakt Player does not support this format.

Mercury is securely watermarked for each licensed user with the Continuata Watermarking System.

Click to listen to Demos.
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Postby freewayland; Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:34 pm

We've just released the first pre-release content pack to all of our pre-order customers. All new pre-orders also get this download automatically, so now's a great time to jump on it. The price goes to $399 after January 15th, 2013. Click here for more info.

This first Mercury pre-order betapack focuses on some of the super-flexible Poly-sustain content and gives a first sneak preview of the new user interface artwork and design.


For those new to our choirs, "Polysustains" are basically multi-syllable words that hold a sustaining vowel and then play the final syllable when the note is released. You can play polyphonic legato passages with them, with syllable progression maintained through the sustain as you play a melody, or you can restart the word with each new note you play. For example, instead of just singing an "Ah" vowel, a polysustain could be something like "Ha-lle-lu-jaah" where that last syllable "ahh" will continue to hold a long as you continue holding the note down. You can play chords and with legato just as you would a traditional vowel sustain, but it brings more life to the performance.

Don't worry, Mercury also features tons of different vowel sustains with their own powerful features like independent round-robin variation for the attack, sustain and release phases of every note.

You can layer two different words, each with their own offset, attack, dynamic swell, pan, release time and release sample volume controls. You can stack or crossfade between the layers with the Blend control. You can set the syllable to start the word on with the Offset knob, or simply turn it all the way to the right and turn up the Attack knob to get pure smooth vowel sustains.

Layer word selection is done with the drop-down menus, but you can also automate word selection with key-switches and midi CC or host automation for each layer in real-time independently.

You'll also notice Close and Far mix mixers in the top left corner. You can unload either mic position whenever you wish to save memory and voices by clicking the radio button under each mix slider.

You'll also find pop-out EQ, convolution reverb and legato windows that let you fine tune your sound and performance. All controls allow full CC and host automation.

This pack includes both tempo-synching (K5) and DFD (K4) version of this preset and the following words:

Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei (soprano solo)
Spiritu (alto solo)

This is just a sneak peek. The full version of the library includes many more Latin elements, along with all of the standard universal syllables and vowels. Polysustains are the more linguistically complex multi-syllabic part of the library, based on classic Latin words commonly found in liturgical choral music. They allow a life-like and natural performance with fluid syllable progression. They are a distinct section of the library, quite different from the true legato vowel sustains and 42 marcato and staccato single syllable words that you'll also find in this library. We'll have examples of those other sections of the library soon. Click here for more info.

We'll also have tutorial videos coming soon.
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Postby greggg; Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:21 pm

Soundiron's Mercury Symphonic Boychoir is out now! To celebrate the release we're having a sale on all our other major choir libraries. Take $50 off any of our other major choir libraries from now through February 5th, 2013.

•Get Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection for only $499!

•Get Mars Symphonic Men's Choir for only $349!

•Get Venus Symphonic Women's Choir for only $349!

•Get Requiem Light standard open-format edition for only $319!

•Get Requiem Light Player Edition for only $349!

Check out the latest demos for Mercury Symphonic Boychoir:

http://soundcloud.com/soundiron/sets/me ... c-boychoir

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