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Postby sosayweall; Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:23 am QIN RV 2.09 Free Update Available

Kong Audio releases QIN RV 2.09 free update, applies to all Kong Audio Chinee Series/Chinee Orchestra instruments for Windows.

*Enhanced Pitch Bend mode for live play(only bends the notes that are being hold - cool for plucked instruments).
*Keyboard range display bug fixed.
*KAI missing reminder added.
*Parameters fine-tuned.

All existing customers should have received the update notice with download location info. If you didn't get the email, drop us a line or PM. Prior to contacting us, please read this first.

QIN RV 2.0 engine sports 16 MIDI and Audio channels with multi-timbral capability and can load multiple KAI instruments for easier project and resource management.

Chinee Series and Chinee Orchestra are the sample-based traditional Chinese instruments powered by QIN engine. QIN engine is developed by Kong Audio.

*Here's how to pronounce "QIN". This is the PinYin transcription system. It doesn't sound like "Queen", but more like "Chin". Qin means "instrument" in Chinese.[/list]
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Postby lbsl; Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:11 am

May i ask why some of the keyswitch features have changed in some of the instruments for Chinee Orchestra?

The reason why i ask is that i notice drastic changes in behavior in new projects or in new instances of the same instrument.

I'm already glad i didn't have to redo stuff so far (and i certainly should not touch the settings to prevent messing it up), but trying to figure out how to do the old tricks with the new preset behavior is disturbing my workflow pretty much...
801 posts since 25 Feb, 2005

Postby sosayweall; Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:22 pm

Hi lbsl,

You are referring to the changes within QIN v2.x, right? QIN 1.x can(and only can) export fxp and be loaded into 2.x in order to retain presets.

Sorry about the inconvenience. We changed the keyswitch arrangement and we believed it's for a much better user experience. It's just unfortunate that users who have been familiar with the previous presets may need to get to know the new keyswitch again...

*You can export the presets in the old project that you would like to compare as fxps (please use QIN's builtin fxp manager) to us via email and we'll try to compare it with the new ones for you.
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Postby lbsl; Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:18 am

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the reply....
Nice to know i can import my V1.x presets into V2.0, i didn't knew that.
That will be specially helpful for updating some older projects around using the Qin V1 library.

I meanwhile already tried to save and reload the former 2.x keyswitch presets and that worked fine.

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