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sick question....:D (video dj)

If you are new here check this forum first, your question may have been answered.

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Postby BertKoor; Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:47 am

psychoxkps wrote:and how that lighting engineer knows how i performing(tempo changes)
by using his ears ofcourse! :-P

As a "DJ" you concentrate on Jockeying the Disks. Let the light show be the problem of someone else to worry about. That's always a seperate task for a seperate engineer if the venue takes it seriously.
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Postby psychoxkps; Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:57 pm

but i think it can be hard sync the tempo changes from 180 bpm to 179.. probably that cant be achieved.. but if i understands u correctly he can camuflage his disability somehow?

when hes feeling lights are out of sync turn just continuous light(no flashing) on?

please.. understand i that technique well?

sorry for still writing about one thing but for me is that very important so i want it best what it can be without do some preparations of show..

iam very happy u still helping me with fact i cant help people on this forum.. my intelligence in music are very simple.. iam using ni maschine like a daw ni komplete like plugins and ni traktor like performing.. i want to say i know little but u dudes knows everything so i sending enourmous thanks..

so thanks..
trust analog.... (owner of digital)
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Postby thecontrolcentre; Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:09 pm

Stop worrying about lighting. If its that important get your own lighting guy. Thats what bands on tour often do. Not so sure about DJs, but the bigger guys will have their own engineers. Concentrate on mixing and of course playing the right tunes and the rest will take care of itself. You dont really think an audience cares if the lights are slightly out of sync do you?
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537 posts since 24 Nov, 2010

Postby psychoxkps; Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:59 pm

probably u have true..i never want my own lighting guy.. and lights can be cool if they are maked by ear or microphone..

maybe it is somehow sad that today technique havent some cool lighting system what lighting guy can connect with me and just change flashing, continuous, lasers upwards lights and etc..

i mean that tempo changes..

god damn traktor.. best software for controllerist dj but nothing like midi output for each deck for great show.. i think this bussines isnt about how great are you dj but how great show u have.. i mean in that are every little factor how people is whistling.. but i want only figure that if is it possible and if it is if i need something special too.. but that rmx looks like something for preparated gig not for perfect synced temp changes..

ok if u cant help me i take it..

thank you anyway..
trust analog.... (owner of digital)
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537 posts since 24 Nov, 2010

Postby psychoxkps; Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:28 pm

i found mine solution..

pioneer SVM-1000 or something like that but like u all trying to tell me - dj must care only about music.. thanks....
trust analog.... (owner of digital)
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Postby Redmerkurii; Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:47 pm

Most modern 'intelligent' lights as they are known indeed use the DMX512 interface which is great for programming complex light shows but your typical club hardly ever goes to this much trouble. The light shows you usualy see are pre-programmed into the lights themselves and are activated as has been mentioned by by small microphones built into the light fixtures. The DMX is mainly used in this instance as a synchronisation protocol so tempo matching is the same across all lights. This doesn't mean though that these preset light sequences are at the same tempo as your music, they will just run at the factory default setting typically 120 bpm. Your average club punter is completely unaware of this and just sees 'cool' lights and probably couldn't care less as their focus is diverted by drinks, potential sexual encounters, fighting the bouncers etc. Your average club owner also knows the punters mind and that is why they can't be arsed about the issue of perfect lighting to music tempo.
OK back to god damn Traktor. Traktor is indeed quite capable of being the master clock for lighting. It has Midi clock output which can be used to control the tempo of a sequencer like Ableton Live and Live can be used to control lights via a Midi to DMX interface. This is a scenario that I use myself as I have DJ equipment and my own lighting fixtures. I use a Novation Launchpad to trigger clips from Live to drive my own programmed light sequences via an Enttec DMXis DMX interface.

Hope this helps cure your sickness.
Just make the music that you enjoy (failing that go for a walk, watch some porn, have a fight with a random bloke until something else happens).

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