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Mushy Mushy
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Postby Mushy Mushy; Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:18 am

skipscada wrote:Confusing the concepts mixing/mastering is a common error. You use the term "mastering" so loosely that it loses its sense. I'm not out to get you here, but by definition when you say you will import 8 indivdual tracks, they are unmixed. "Mixing" is to combine a greater number of tracks ("tracks" meaning "channels") to the number of tracks in the end format (be it mono, stereo, a surround format or whatever). "Mastering" is final preparation of the mixed track ("track" meaning "song", "tune").
The mixing is the process of er, mixing my 60 odd channels inside the DAW down to 8 subtracks.
Technically these 8 subtracks do still need to be mixed to a single stereo track, but seeing as the levels remain constant (as they're already finalised in the DAW) it can hardly be called mixing.
skipscada wrote:mixing in the R16 is a good idea. It's not. You don't want to be doing a final mix in the R16.

Mushy Mushy wrote:And just to clarify this "mastering" wont be happening in the Zoom but back in a DAW. I will import the individual 8 tracks into the PC and work on them there.

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Dean Aka Nekro
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Postby Dean Aka Nekro; Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:59 am

So you'll be going from your DAW audio machine interface's line outputs into the Mackie 30:8:2 desks line inputs then busing the required tracks of choice to the 8 sub groups on the Mackie then recording those into Zoom R16's line inputs Right? (Well that is what I'd presume your plan is and it makes the most sense). That is true yeah it is just mixing down but as you are mixing down to 8 tracks then will be importing the 8 tracks back into your audio machine/DAW for the final touches you will be doing what is a common technique known as Stem Mastering - So as much as a kaveman I am/never evolved either (believe me). It still is mastering and OTOT gives one more control :)

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