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Do you use construction kits?

Sampler and Sampling discussion (techniques, tips and tricks, etc.)

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Postby SampleScience; Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:24 pm

declassified wrote:I sometimes use elements from construction kits, like a bass note or a percussion loop (which I'll usually change so it fits with what I need). When I do that, I always regret that I don't have access to a more raw version of the sound, but just some overprocessed constuction kit version. I want to take compression and reverb off, but of course it's impossible :(

A lot of loop libraries are dry, it's very common. Personnally, I prefer my loop and sounds processed.
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Postby codec_spurt; Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:22 pm

SampleScience wrote:
A lot of loop libraries are dry, it's very common. Personnally, I prefer my loop and sounds processed.

What I've been noticing lately is a lot of drum loops recorded by real drummers on a real kit, seem to have resonances in them, and not just on the snare.

So, could I ask people if this is common? I've only just started noticing it because I have only fairly recently learned how to use an EQ properly and my ears have become fairly well trained to spot these things. I'm talking about dry loops, if they have effects on, obviously, or not so obviously, I don't know, they seem harder to spot.

Is this a sign of poorly recorded drums, or is is to be expected in all but the most expensive and time-consuming of stuff done in the most expensive of studios?

It's not really a problem, the odd resonance or two on the snare, but as I said I've been noticing certain live drum loops from a certain DAW I won't mention to have quite a few of these (resonances) and it takes more time to 'iron' them out.

No biggie, just curious.
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