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December Contest: Submissions

Share your music, collaborate, and partake in monthly music contests.

Moderators: Scoops, Moderators (Main)

7669 posts since 20 Jun, 2008

Postby D.H. Miltz; Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:11 am December Contest: Submissions

Holiday Music

This month you are asked to submit an entry about or inspired by any December holiday. Christmas, Hanukkah (begins in November this year, but ends December 5th), Saturnalia, New Year's Eve, Bodhi Day, whatever you'd like.

More possibilities here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wi ... s#December

Submissions MUST follow these rules:

1 - Encoded in either .mp3 or .ogg format.

2 - A STRICT MAXIMUM of three minutes in length. If it shows up as 3:01 in my player, it's getting the boot.

3 - entered into the contest by posting a DIRECT LINK in this RULES & SUBMISSIONS thread (use the GOSSIP thread for everything else). If you cant provide a direct link, please contact one of the following people listed below, they will be happy to help you out. These people provide free hosting for the purpose of this contest only! They are not a hosting service. When contacting these people, please take the effort to understand the terms and conditions they provide.

1 - knockman
2 - watto
3 - slartibartfast

In addition...
Kara at http://www.kara-moon.com/forum has offered "self service" space. Log into the forum to find out more.

But wait! There's more! If you use SoundCloud to host your entry, you might find this tutorial by kryptonaut helpful. Bear in mind that SoundCloud's free accounts have a limit (per track) of 100 downloads.

4 - Submitted by early a.m. (US Central Time) Wednesday, December 25th, 2013.

5 - Your entry must be composed specifically for this contest.

6 - Your entry must be created using at least some audio plugins, virtual synths, or software studio.

7 - Your entry should have the FILE named in a format of "yearmonth_artistname_tracktitle" (eg "1312_Redworm_EatWhatYouAreGiven.mp3"), where the artistname is the same as your KVR name. Please do not use spaces and special characters in the filename. I will be booting for improperly named comps (this will not be a DQ, just a little reminder that you didn't tag your comp correctly). Special considerations will be given to those that have the hosting agent change the file name.

8 - If you are going to tag your mp3--and you should--the artist name is to be the same as your KVR name, and the title tag is to be the name of your tune.

9 - One person can participate either with one entry, with one entry and one collaborative effort or with two collaborative efforts.

10 - Every submission has to be tagged with:
a) used instruments (virtual and 'real')
b) players' and singers' names (if other than entrant; collabs are allowed, sometimes encouraged, but they must be credited)
c) origin of loops and samples, if they're not free of copyright (this includes CreativeCommons material; please read and follow the license of the samples and loops you use); naming the origin of copyright free loops is also encouraged, but not mandatory. Please only use samples you are legally entitled to use.
d) name(s) of composer(s) -- if an entry is a cover this should be noted in the file name and/or the mp3 "Title" tag as well as the submission post (not everyone reads the submission posts).

11 - If there are strong doubts about the origin of the composition or parts of it, the participant should have the possibility to send a project file to the moderator, who could give it to a trustworthy person with the right host to examine it. Important: the participant should not be forced to do it.

12 - No resubmissions without permission from the moderator, INCLUDING for time-overage correction. PM me for permission!

13 - Any tracks not adhering to these guidelines will be very naughty indeed. Possibly disqualified upon peer review. And at least mocked for all to point and giggle.

14 - Voting (members must have at least 20 posts to vote ... although contest entrants are exempt from this ruling) will run from the submission deadline until early a.m Wednesday, January 1st. Anyone voting for themselves will find ALL their votes disqualified; any entrants not voting will also be disqualified.

If you have questions, send a private message to D.H. Miltz or ask in the gossip thread.


Ben from Camel Audio has been so kind as to donate a prize of ANY of their
products this month (and later months until further notice).

Quinto from SKNote Software Sound Synthesis has donated any one of his plugins for the contest this month. (and later months until further notice). Thank you Quinto.

Michel Rouzic the developer of Photosounder has donated a copy (with noncommercial license) of Photosounder or a copy of SplineEQ for the October contest (and later months until further notice).

Dave Hoskins from QuikQuak has donated a copy of Fusion Field (full license) for December's contest (and later months until further notice). Thanks, Dave Hoskins.
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7216 posts since 2 Apr, 2002, from Austin, Texas, USA

Postby SyntheticAurality; Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:56 pm

First in! This is "SANTA'S SLAY RIDE", and is a song specifically composed for this contest. It's not your normal Christmas music, in fact, it's more of slasher-thrash metal number about a psychotic Santa that kills people! :-o

But normal holiday music bores me, so you get this one. :hihi:

http://www.woolyloach.com/music/1312_Wo ... ayRide.mp3

Two minutes and fifty-eight seconds of insane sonic mayhem! This will certainly jingle your bells! :troll: :scared:

Drum loops licensed from Beta Monkey. Guitar loops licensed from ProducerLoops. Twisted vocals, weird movie clips from Les Productions Zvon Memory Collection 4 - Holiday. Creepy kids and twisted vocals courtesy of loops licensed from BeatPort. Weird mixed-back bells are Alchemy Full with the Metallurgy sound bank. Up-front overprocessed evil voice is, well, me. :oops: :oops: DAW is lowly Acid Music Studio, which is more than enough for what I do. :) Plugins from Camel Audio, Melda Productions, Voxengo, and of course my beloved Audio Damage! :love:

Note this is deliberately compressed all to Hell and gone and will blow out your speakers, ears, and likely a window or two if played too loud. Use caution!

This is my first contest entry so I hope I got it all correct. :oops:
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155 posts since 20 Aug, 2003, from Chicago

Postby 7zark7; Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:30 pm

https://soundcloud.com/7zark7/1312_7zar ... _snow_dune

https://soundcloud.com/7zark7/1312_7zar ... e/download



Dune (multiple)

Icy, snowy, salty, dirty, Dune drifts (Chi-Town Holidays!)

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115 posts since 8 Aug, 2011

Postby Vulcandj; Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:10 pm

Here's mine. Part cover and part my own interpretation of Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells.

Cover of Carol of the Bells

http://soundcloud.com/vulcandj/1312_vul ... ofthebells

DAW: Pro Tools 10

Instruments: Carvin DC127 Elec guitar thru POD HD500, Peavey grind bass thru ART V3 and DBx over-easy compressor

VI's: EZ Keys, Miroslav Philharmonik, Steven Slate Drums (Dream Kit), Xpand2

Plug-ins: EZ Mix 1 and 2, Camel Crusher, Scarlett reverb, PT's Stereo enhancer and Channel Strips.

And a whole lot of Christmas Spirit. :wink:
Just close your eyes. You'll find all you need with your mind.
405 posts since 8 May, 2012, from Shanghai

Postby Shangsean; Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:37 am

A Jazrorchian Christmas


A terrible title, no doubt. If you didn't work it out, it's Jazz-Rock-Orchestral. Apart from that, I hope you like it.



Recorded in Reaper using:

Kontakt (Albion, Venus Women's Choir, White Grand, Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells)
Superior Drummer with Folk EZX
B2 Reverb
Alloy 2
Ozone 5
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575 posts since 21 Aug, 2010, from Cagliari - (Sardinia)

Postby bzur; Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:10 am

Saturnalia (a.k.a. Carmina Bzurana!)


Made on Cubase 6.5 with:
- Spitfire audio HZ01 (percussions)
- SampleSAM Orchestral Brass Classic
- East West Hollywood Woodwinds Silver
- Audiobro LASS Lite 2

Steinberg REVerence on send
Sheppi Free Spatial Enhancer and Cubase Maximizer on master bus
187 posts since 6 May, 2005, from Somewhere In Scotland

Postby beanpole; Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:08 pm

Tomorrow Is Christmas

Tracktion 2

Line 6 Variax electric guitar
Shure SM57 mic

Tracktion Compressor, sampler & 4-Band Equaliser
Kjaerhaus Classic Chorus & Reverb
mda ePiano & Degrade
EVM Grand Piano
can't sing, can't play, looks awful.....
54 posts since 3 Nov, 2013, from Toronto, Canada

Postby davidstiles; Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:18 pm

Here's my entry for the month. I imagined it as a drunkenly-sung elvish celebration, a few days before Christmas. And then Santa shows up with his electric guitar.

Drunken Elf Solstice Song

https://soundcloud.com/davidstiles/drun ... stice-song

Stuff Used:

DAW: MuLab 5

Native Instruments:

- The Giant (cinematic mode)
- Kontakt 5 Upright Bass


- Elvish Choir
- Olympus Micro Choir


- Adagio Violas


- HollywoodWinds
- Cinebrass Core

Impact Soundworks:

-Shreddage Complete


- Sleigh Bells (thanks to Doc Jon for pointing this out!)


- DrumCircle Lite

Effects VSTs:

- NI Supercharger
- Peavey Revalver HPSE
- Tonebooster Omnisone

Vocal recording and compression done with Audacity.
7669 posts since 20 Jun, 2008

Postby D.H. Miltz; Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:21 am Re: December Contest: Submissions

The rest of the entries for the record (I'll see about fixing that tiny print later, proabably):

Laguna Rising:


Xmas Eve Glitch

This is about Santa's sleigh landing* and its following triumphal entrance into a fictional small mountain village

* You can hear the turbulence in the beginning. That's how it sounds flying in an open-sligh through the elements with a glitched Gps navigator

SW: MinimogueVA, NI Bandstand, StringZ, Glaceverb, keFIR, LFX-1310, Kjaerhus Classic bundle, AradazMaximizer, CamelSpace, Nuclear Cranium, ADT, Fusion Field, Smartphone recordings


Another Bloody Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

Another Bloody Christmas (download)
Another Bloody Christmas (soundcloud)

When the shops are filled with tinselly tat
And the windows sprayed with artificial snow
And a boozy old bloke in a floppy red hat
Accosts you with a scrofulous 'Ho ho ho!"

When the gardens are aglow with lights around the lawn
And the roofs are adorned with illuminated deer
That's how you know that another year has gone
And another bloody Christmas is here.

When the roads are covered with slippery slush
And the power lines break so you don't have any light
And the pipes are all frozen and the toilet won't flush
And you sleep with all your clothes on just to get you through the night

When the TV's filled with sentimental crap
And the radio's non-stop 'we're walking in the air' -
That's when it's painfully obvious that
Another bloody Christmas is here.

Excited kids are shouting as they play
Their snowman has a hat, a pipe and scarf
The air is crisp, and though the sky is grey
It's brightened every time the children laugh.

When the stockings are hanging and the tree is all lit
And Rudolph's had his carrot and Santa's had a beer
That's when you know that in spite of all the shit
You'll have another merry Christmas -
A very merry Christmas -
A merry bloody Christmas this year.

Cheapo guitar from Lidl
Zoom H1 mic

Magix Vita (Bass)
Magix Independence (Sleighbells)
Alchemy (Chimes)

Kjaerhus Classic Chorus
Magix Reverb, Compression, EQ and Mastering

Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2014




The lights are kept on in the park for the longest night of the year.

Kontakt instruments; Blue Zone by Dan Wilson at Hideaway Studio + Free Fabrique taster by Cinematique instruments
Synths: XILS3 LE + Camel Alchemy for the choirs.
M & M in Logic 9


Happy New Year
http://www.kara-moon.com/forum/index.ph ... ttach=6278

Used Ableton,Minimoog,minidizi,lazer blade and wavestation with my Akai Mpk 25

Darko A.

Hi KVRs,

First of all I wish you a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it today or in two weeks from now and a Happy New Year!

mp3 stream and direct download (unlimited)
http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/o43u2828a ... Spirit.mp3

mp3 download (not direct)
http://www.wikiupload.com/2GTFX6GADYYMCLN (click on green button 'Download this file')

SoundCloud stream (and flac 100 free downloads available):

This is my entry song for this contest, and my first contest - ever (yes, also a KVR first). So, don't be tough. I have to admit song is not finished, I am very pressed at non-music related work, but I had a strong desire to publish this work so far, and share it with audience.

Around happy holidays such as Christmas and New Year, many unfortunate people think of extreme decisions about their lives, even suicide, which is very sad and unfortunate. That was my lead emotion in composing this short and simple theme and a call for everyone out there - if you are able, please help someone and make them happy for a moment and show them path to a better future!

Tech spec:
1. Hypersonic 2 (high bells, choir pad)
2. IL Ogun (Low Bells)
3. Yamaha CS2x ROMpler synth (custom-designed strings and pad layered patch)
4. Various drums and percussion sounds with simple FX (reverb, delay, and small part with transient designer)
5. Composed and mixed in FL Studio

Regards to all!

Moderators: Scoops, Moderators (Main)

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