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Go-to compressor replacement for SV-315?

VST, AU, etc. plug-in Virtual Effects discussion

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37 posts since 5 Aug, 2011, from Nederland

Postby electricthing; Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:33 am

I use SV-315 often on the 2bus.
Sometimes on drums.
Up till now no replacement for that.
On one track Waves H-comp in parallel mode brought more energy.
Elysia Xpressor plugin is very good on 2bus, have to wait for a sale, otherwise it's expensive.
I don't think compressors are there to be replaced. It's better to have some great options.
I fooled around yesterday with compressors on a drumloop and was amazed by compressors I already had but didn't push so hard before,
Waves RComp, Waves C1, JS Compshaper (really nice), DC8C, Blockfish, TDR Feedback Compressor 2, all gave great and different results but that's a single drumloop, in the end the mix decides, therefore you want options.
I find on tracks I need more variety of compressors than on 2bus.
The 2bus compressors I would like to buy are not cheap.
Otoh, with the options I have the best acquisition I can get now is a hardware compressor.

One more thing; You did get the Native Instruments free Supercharger? Thats another great option.
7189 posts since 3 Feb, 2003, from Finland, Espoo

Postby bmanic; Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:51 am

The SV-315 compressor is a fairly complex compressor with some program dependencies, at least that's how it sounds to me (haven't actually checked!) so my guess is that you can't easily replace it.

You can use something else for a different flavor but not really replace it. Like Theo said earlier in the thread, it's friggin brilliant and definitely "the" sonalksis plugin to own. It's unique and works perfectly for me so I'm not even considering it's retirement. :)

But for options that you may not have thought of before, I highly recommend checking out the new Toneboosters bus compressor (make sure you open up the advanced/expert panel thing and mess with the dynamics % thingy and the lo/hi frequency tilt).

I'm also fairly certain you can get very close to emulating the SV-315 in compassion. It just takes a lot of tweaking.. once! When you are done you simply save it and then have a few simple controls to use.

NOTE: It's important to notice how the sidechain of the SV-315 is EQd. It defaults to a fairly peculiar shape, thus giving it's "sound" and behavior that unique twist. Try one of your other compressors with subtle tilting of the lows and highs (slightly attenuating them) to get some of that same "flavor".

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66 posts since 16 Oct, 2013, from Poland

Postby K@rol; Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:52 am

Elysia Mpressor...Great on Techno kicks,works for me:)If this comp will not suit you,than i don't know???
112 db Big Blue Compressor and PSP Oldtimer are great character compressors:)my favs
18803 posts since 4 Sep, 2001, from Melbourne Australia

Postby TheoM; Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:31 pm

djanthonyw wrote:I would, but there is no demo or refund policy. I purchased SDRR from Klanghelm due to everyone's rave reviews and I didn't think it did anything special compared to options I already have, so I sold it.

I thought the tube mode was ok, but Wave Arts surpasses it by a mile. Desk mode is ok as well, but not compared to Satson. The Desk mode does not sound like an actual desk or do what a desk does when you place an instance on every track. Things just build up where as with Satson, you get the space and glue along with the saturation.

I'm reluctant to do that again with DC8C especially considering I haven' t been impressed by any audio demos of any of the Klanghelm products.

Don't like satson but i agree with you about wave arts and Klang in general. And the kicker is, get ready for this, no demo, AND he charges transfer fees :roll:

So i was forced to sell the plugins altogether to not lose too much money. I would have LOVED to keep the VU meter as that is excellent, truly, but i just decided to not bother with any of them anymore. SDRR gets really nasty when pushed, i can't find any mode that is pleasant. I originally was excited about it as it was much nicer than ivgi (which is quite honestly not very good) but only at the subtlest of settings, and then i realised, when pushed it sounds bad, so i don't like the inherent basic sound, and my mixes were always sounding better when i turned it off.

Demo? would have solved the issue, i only would have bought the VU and that's it, and there'd be no bitter feelings. I don't like dc8 (or dc2) and sddr/ivgi. I did it because of the rave reviews.
Don't take the risk Anthony, it's still money. All money that could go to food or charity if you don't like them. Only buy stuff you can demo man, or one with a clear refund policy like audiodamage. You sold SDRR, chances are you will not like DC8C also, especially if you don't like the free one.

I need to sleep more, but like you the glue is my favourite plug in comp of all time, so i will recommend some alternatives for a different flavour to you when i arise fully. And i know you're still looking for some saturation plugins like radiator.
"Just call me shitload, cause I own a shitload of plugins!"
1295 posts since 27 Nov, 2008, from uk

Postby faun2500; Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:09 pm

djanthonyw wrote:rave

Careful of rave reviews & review raves!

I have UAD compressors, Nebula 3 compressors and I did use The Glue too but I really like the native instruments ssl emulations, particularly the bus compressor. Infact, when I got it included the Komplete I tested it against the Glue and couldn't hear any difference so sold the glue.

The compressors in Alloy 2 and the NI ssl is all I use now. Oh, and ozone 5 multiband, thats great!
3601 posts since 15 Aug, 2006

Postby Funkybot's Evil Twin; Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:37 pm

I forgot I even had the SV-315, but then I remembered I just never got on with it too well. Don't know why, but it was just "meh" for me. I was about to give it a second look and realized, "oh wait, now I know why I stopped using it," and it was the idea that Sonalksis wants me to pay to upgrade to 64-bit. No thanks.

If anyone wants to make a reasonable offer for the 32-bit versions, I'd be willing to transfer my licenses (I have both Mk1 and MK2 - you'd get both - though I think only MK2 got the 64-bit treatment).
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6670 posts since 20 Jul, 2004, from Boston

Postby djanthonyw; Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:28 am Re: Go-to compressor replacement for SV-315?

Update on this: I decided that The Glue is still the one even though it doesn't have all the same features, it is so versatile and sounds just as good and in a lot of cases, better.
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97 posts since 6 Sep, 2006

Postby independentfactory; Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:31 am Re:

Sparky77 wrote:DMG Compassion is a very good replacement, and designed by the same guy I believe.

Error, in fact.
2357 posts since 13 Jul, 2005, from Australia

Postby soundpalace; Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:10 pm Re:

faun2500 wrote:I have UAD compressors, Nebula 3 compressors and I did use The Glue too but I really like the native instruments ssl emulations, particularly the bus compressor. Infact, when I got it included the Komplete I tested it against the Glue and couldn't hear any difference so sold the glue.

I do like the NI SSL emulations too, but I personally couldn't replace The Glue with them. All the additional features are what make The Glue so great as well as the sound. The SC highpass filter, the range knob, the additional super fast attack time.

I also do feel that The Glue is a great Sonalksis alternative but they are still quite different and have different features.

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