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Postby toogloomy; Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:05 am CPU Usage


I recently purchased AGT and i'm having a few problems with it.
The main problem seems to be the power it is using. I have a song in Cubase which has roughly 20 tracks on it and the CPU usage is minimal, but as soon as i add a track of AGT the usage goes up considerably, and it spasmodically starts clipping and popping. I have tried different latency settings on my soundcard and it's helped a little but AGT seems to be very thirsty on my PC.
Could it be anything to do with my settings somewhere or is this program particularly heavy on CPU usage?

At the moment AGT is almost impossible to use.

My set-up is:
Cubase 7
16gb ram
Windows pro 7
M-audio delta 44

Jie Chen[Ample Sound]
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Postby Jie Chen[Ample Sound]; Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:24 am Re: CPU Usage

Hi, My suggestion is to mute other tracks and test AGT only to see the cpu usage. From your hardware configuration, I think the usage should be around 10% at most. If not, please send your agt track to us and we will test it.

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